Should Wayne Rooney Escape Unpunished For Kicking Lumps Out Of Fabricio Coloccini?

Chris Wright

27th, November 2011


By Chris Wright

I don’t mind admitting it absolutely galled me that the sycophantic tools on the Match of the Day sofa just flat-out refused to acknowledge and/or call-out Wayne Rooney’s petulant slash at a prone Fabricio Coloccini last night, despite watching replay after replay of the United meathead poorly masking his errant boot as an attempt to prise the ball out from underneath the Newcastle centre-half.

All three pundits – Lineker, Lawrenson and, least surprisingly, Shearer – saw ‘absolutely nothing wrong’ with this…

I’d have been willing to give Rooney the benefit of the doubt after the first kick – Coloccini was sitting on the ball after all – but the second punt was a dead give away.

What me, you and the braying were seeing was Rooney dealing with quick-onset provocation due to Coloccini’s ragged challenge in the only way his brain (which I’d be willing to venture is roughly 85% Shippam’s Beef Paste) could process it – a thoughtless spike of venomous, moronic aggression.

There seems to be a common misconception that Rooney has turned a corner when it comes to things like this. Rubbish, ask Miodrag Dzudovic for details. Any other player would’ve been disciplined for the deliberate kick on Coloccini either during or after the game. Rooney didn’t even see a yellow, though Hatem Ben Arfa did for his reaction to seeing a prone teammate having lumps kicked out of him.

Why does Rooney continually have this kind of dumb aggression written off as nothing more that a mere ‘by-product of his game’, a ‘crime of passion’ if you will? Why people? Why?!?!

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  1. Mr Sensible says:

    Jesus Christ, what the fuck is wrong with you, nothing happened!

    The swing for the second kick starts while the ball was still stuck between Coloccini’s legs, if you can’t admit or see that then you are clearly a troll that has absolutely nothing to back you opinion that Rooney was purposely trying to kick Coloccini other than you dislike him.

    Maybe watch the footage in real time rather than a slow motion and see it how it actually happened. Yes Rooney has a history of lashing out but this isn’t one of them.

    Grow up.

  2. Archbishop Betty Snagcock says:

    didn’t watch it live but it does look like rooney’s kicking him with the vague excuse that the ball is somewhere in the vicinity

    eyes on the man not the ball

  3. Tinez says:

    Rooney is a categorical disgrace here. Clearly seen red and went for Coloccini. Nothing will be done, but yet another example of the beast rather than the ‘baller.

  4. Nick says:

    @Mr.Sensible: Homer much?

    @Archbishop Betty Snagcock: perfectly said

  5. swiss mafia says:

    Absolutely not, Rooney does try to go for the ball, be it a tad harshly, but legally none the less.. Coloccini just gets the ball out the way before ronney lands his second kick. Nothing to see here.
    If you look at rooney s head, he s looking at the ball the whole time!!! even when it gets kicked away!

  6. Pkhakheria says:

    when gerber babies attack…

  7. Mr Sensible says:

    @Archbishop Betty Snagcock

    Actually Rooney’s eye are on the ball 100% of the time, the fact that the ball was stuck in between Coloccini’s legs seems to have slipped your mind.

    RIP Gary Speed

  8. Herman says:

    No malice whatsoever, he had his eyes on the ball, can tell from when the ball leaves Coloccini’s legs, his eyes move along.

    I’m not a Utd, or Rooney fan, but the “sycophantic tools” were absolutely spot on this time.

  9. James says:


    “didn’t watch it live but it does look like rooney’s kicking him with the vague excuse that the ball is somewhere in the vicinity”

  10. Mark says:

    Betty is spot on. Next you’ll be telling me that he didn’t mean to try stomp on Carvalho’s genitals during the Euros.

  11. Andrew Thompson says:

    Rooneys aggressive, and a complete thug to be honest, if he wasn’t such a good player he would probably get the grief that Joey Barton does.

    you can find numerous videos on youtube of Rooney being a prick, a certain one of him trying to elbow a stoke player sticks in the mind.

  12. Joe says:

    Chris, you are my hero.

    When a 16 year old Rooney ‘burst’ on to the scene scoring that goal against Arsenal, the English media said ‘Right, we’ve found our next home grown wonderkid, let’s put him in 3 inches of bubble wrap and make sure nothing can possibly go wrong in his development into the next great England striker.’

    All very well.

    The problem now is that he’s turned out nothing really of the sort, he’s an embarrassment to the nation if anything (what with being the most red carded player for England, sleeping with hookers behind his pregnant wifes back, then threatening to leave Man U to overshadow all that, but staying with Man U when they offered more money etc. I I could honestly go on all day). But he still can’t do any wrong! Everything Wayne Rooney does (good!) ALWAYs makes the back pages… and in my humble opinion, all the people that have commented above me defending him, are still warped by the media machine that continue to control what people think about our star no. 9, and well might I add.

    This Coloccini incident is a good example. Hardly mentioned during the match, completely dismissed as piggish behaviour on motd, nowhere to be seen in the papers. And when I log on to check my dream team scores he’ll most likely have the star man award for good a pass he made during the match. It’s almost as if there’s a conspiracy (i’m not suggesting there is but…), as if the motd pundits are briefed on what to say and hat not to say about him before the show. Heck, this comment will probably get deleted after I log off.

    But I am only scratching the surface. There’s an old saying that you can’t polish a turd. True, you cannot, or at least to any great avail. But what you can do, and it will have a similar effect to those that won’t notice, is roll it in glitter.
    Let’s hope it’s not too long before it all comes off…

  13. Rory says:

    He’s a thug, simple as that! Wonder if UEFA will keep this incident in mind at the disciplinary hearing for the Euros next week?

  14. Alex says:

    The kick didn’t bother me in that he didn’t do any damage, I don’t think it was dangerous. However, the look on Rooney’s face and his movement was like an un-evolved ape who doesn’t understand that he might be about to hurt someone.

    Should probably get him some therapy.

  15. moondunce says:

    Chris, you are wrong

  16. Jimbo says:

    nothing wrong with it, eyes on the ball and he’s trying to get the ball.

  17. Jay says:

    didn’t watch it live but it does look like rooney’s kicking him with the vague excuse that the ball is somewhere in the vicinity

    Spot on.

    Probably exactly what he was thinking himself. ‘The ball’s around so I’ll just have a good thuggish swing at it…..hmmmmm there’s Colocinni aswell, didn’t see you there chap’.

    What precisely was he trying to achieve if he was trying to get the ball like that anyway?!?! The way he went at it the ball would of just flown off miles or straight back into Colocinni. If is intention was to retrieve the ball and retain possession that’s clearly not the way to go about it, surely you’d put your boot on it and drag it out.

  18. Flipper_71 says:

    I was on the very top of the North Stand (up in the Gods almost!) and it was completely obvious he just kicked out violently at whatever was in his way…..a certain red and he should still be punished

  19. JJ says:

    Rooney exacting revenge for the initial challenge (knock). So obvious…

  20. kopred says:

    I’m a liverpool fan, and I despise the Toffee/manure ogre, but I really don’t think he did anything malicious here. He’s just trying to get the ball and Coloccini was one step ahead.

  21. Murray says:

    Did the second kick even make contact with Coloccini?

    In the handful of frames we see afterward, it looks like Coloccini is immediately standing back up. He doesn’t even have a look on his face to suggest that he was in pain. And I don’t think we’d be witnessing either of these things had a kick like the one being described here truly “hit its marker”.

  22. Ryan says:

    I don’t think he meant to kick him the second time. Dude’s just a pitbull.

  23. STFC says:

    watched it a few times – rooney has started his swing as Coloccini gets the ball away, but only just. probably wasn’t as black and white as everyones making out but would be harsh to punish him.

    having said that he got away with murder when he elbowed mcarthy in the back of the head. deserved a heavy ban for that

  24. alex says:

    i don’t really see the problem. if it was meant to be malicious, he didn’t really make any good contact with the kicks.

  25. lake067 says:

    I completely disagree, nothing about that video portrayed Rooney being overly aggressive. Here’s a recent example of someone letting rage get the best of him:

    Yes, it’s yankball, but the timing of these two incidents is worth mentioning.

  26. illuminatiks says:

    what is wrong with No. 1 Mr. Sensible up there? He is even more furious about this article more than rooney’s wife

  27. unitedFixation says:

    You reading too much into it, When things are happening real time and quick, you sometimes don’t realize instantly that the ball just sneaked past you. Its the reason we see so many late tackles, when tackles and kicks have already been committed. I know Rooney can be a Grade one idiot on his day, but there’s nothing to note in this incident. Also you sympathizing with (Ill make a meal out of everything in the penalty box) Ben Arfa is laughable. Had Rooney done that, you’d still be trotting the same headlines about him. There was absolutely no need to come charging down on Rooney like that. Yes mate, you a had a leg break. You had some time on the sidelines with some excellent doctors alongside you and full pay. Deal with it, happens to everyone.

  28. sangtea says:

    This is rubbish. so, is this article (and may be the writer too!). He is trying to kick the ball and Coloccini just happens to put his body and feet in the way

  29. CFC_Jay says:

    For any of you who says this is a malicious attempt at kicking another player then you have clearly never kicked a ball before! @ Chris, i cant believe you have even did a write-up over this. The ball is there to be won and that should be the end of it!

  30. Degs says:

    Coloccini’s initial challenge was a bit nasty and Rooney lashed out in retaliation.

    It could easily been classed as violent conduct IMHO.

  31. swiss mafia says:

    I dont understand all the fuss!!! (Apart of course from all the man u and rooney haters out there that just have to say something just for the sake of it without actually looking at or analysing the situation) – that behaviour can obviously be anticipated, BUT LOOK AT THE DAM VIDEO!!! Rooney’s first attempt actually hits the ball and nothing else. anyone saying differently is just bias. The second attempt is exactly the same except Coloccini clears the ball just before Rooney lands the kick. Thats what happens when you play on the ground folks!!! There is a reason why it used to be forbidden! Its dangerous to do so and that can be the result, but its in no way Rooney’s fault. (As I mentioned in my early post he might have kicked a tad harshly the second time but he was in the motion. Dont forget you are watching slow motion replay here).
    And last but not least.. Everyone is amazed how no one saw anything wrong with this…
    -“All three pundits – Lineker, Lawrenson and, least surprisingly, Shearer – saw ‘absolutely nothing wrong’ with this…”
    -“Nothing will be done”
    -“Hardly mentioned during the match, completely dismissed as piggish behaviour on motd, nowhere to be seen in the papers”

    Maybe there is a reason for all of this guys!!!!
    If football professionals and analysts (including FA) dont even think this is worth mentioning, then perhaps it isn’t!!!

    And don’t give me crap about the media trying to control our Rooney views (@Joe) cause you are just grasping at straws here. Try just seeing this incident alone without all the mumbo jumbo Rooney did this, Rooney did that, from the past.. Oh, and follow Rooney’s eyes during the video, that should tell you everything you need to know about this particular scenario.

    The Swiss Mafia

  32. Dont worry says:

    Went for the ball it got kicked away should be the end of it but noooo. people are such panzys these days

  33. Bruce Lee says:

    I think people need to take off their ‘I FUCKING HATE WAYNE ROONEY’ glasses and actually look at the incident for what it is.

    He is a dick but he is also a full blooded player who will go into every tackle giving 100% which can result in cards. Notice eyes on the ball and not the man and you will see there is no violence towards Coloccini intended.

    Too many idiots here backing their ‘opinions’ based on previous incidents rather than the actual incident in question. I’ve noticed as well the OP hasn’t said a word on any of the comments that disagree with him, it’s as if he intentionally started this article to get people arguing, I wonder why he’d want to do that?

  34. Fcity says:

    “Mr Sensible says:
    November 27, 2011 at 12:14 pm

    Jesus Christ, what the fuck is wrong with you, nothing happened!

    The swing for the second kick starts while the ball was still stuck between Coloccini’s legs, if you can’t admit or see that then you are clearly a troll that has absolutely nothing to back you opinion that Rooney was purposely trying to kick Coloccini other than you dislike him.

    Maybe watch the footage in real time rather than a slow motion and see it how it actually happened. Yes Rooney has a history of lashing out but this isn’t one of them.

    Grow up.” totally agreed

  35. ALEX says:


  36. bluetoffee says:

    Coloccini came in two footed (foul, yellow card), and then sat on the ball and tried to play it (a second foul for dangerous play i.e. putting himself in danger, not a card offence though).

    Rooney has every right to try and kick a ball on the ground in this situation, even under Coloccini, and I was stunned when the decision was given against Rooney.

    Nothing to see here.

    Of course none of this doesn’t change the fact that Rooney IS a bit of prickish thug, but then that’s what makes him so charming isn’t it?

  37. raymond says:

    I agree with Swiss Mafia. Guys are you trying to take the focus off a non-existant penalty by any chance. No one mentioned it! Strange. Usually when United get a dubious penalty you all out there go on about how referees are in favour of Man U, but this time round you want the attention taken on to something like normal scuffles that happen every day in football. For God’s sake football is not ballet, you expect these thinsg. When years back a player walked right over Cristiano Ronaldo’s Chest no one seemed the wiser! Rooney is a real terror for you supporters of other teams – I’m sure you wouldn’t be calling him a thug if he were to move over to your club – wishful thinking! Keep on hoping and bragging cause you will never have your team reach a 19th title – not with us around!!

  38. Deji says:

    Rooney should be atleast cautioned, gets away with most things, shouting at refs etc, but of course he won’t be punished, he’s british and he plays for man u.

  39. Fred says:

    This guy is an idiot. He is as much of a knucklehead as Balotelli, only an evil little twat.

  40. Azz28 says:

    To be noted that Colocini doesn’t look too upset after the incident…If a player took what I reckon to be a swipe at me I would at least have some strong words, Colocini however looks like he’s playing peacemaker.

  41. Red19 says:

    any of u guys ever play footy, sit on the ball u get kickin u north thats why the rest of u r are crap

  42. Dont worry says:

    Deji you are right he wont get punished but not cause hes british and plays for man u but because he did nothing wrong at all

  43. Seattlefootball says:

    First, it is clear that his hair transplant has firmly grown into whatever little brain he did have. Second, last time I checked just because you didn’t mean to kick a player doesn’t mean it isn’t a foul or a card. Most yellows and reds are accidents so it doesn’t dismiss him being a nutter. I bet the lot of you are hoping his Euro ban is overturned.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Keep your opinions to yourself. Comment on it on real time

  45. Kenneth Kaunda says:

    Wow Rooney actually did not intend to kick according to what i watched consistently and Baloteli is just a real gambler in Football where by if am the owner of Man City i would have forced him out as that Guy of Newcastle

  46. UkePunk says:

    What a crap article, nothing to see here…move along gentlemen..and I use the word gentlemen very lightly

  47. fazel kajee says:

    rooney,the british bulldog is a no brainer,full of aggresion and nothing much else.the next time this idiot shows aggresion,ban him for 6 months

  48. Bombo says:

    if there was busquets or pedro on coloccini place,rooney would get a red card…

  49. Craig says:

    rooney is a thug and should be dealt with as such. Won’t happen though. Special treatment for moan utd players.

  50. swiss mafia says:

    So your telling me that if someone were to lie down on a ball, you would not be allowed to kick it away from underneath him in risk of touching or injuring the player? Rooney did what he had to do, get the ball away from coloccini before he got up an ran away with it. It was Coloccini’s fault for gluing himself to the ball with his body. Not the way to play football in England m8. BTW funny how no one even mentions the first 1.5 seconds of the video, where coloccini does a wreckless challenge himself on rooney with both feet forwards, only to miss his second touch on the ball by kicking rooney’s leg. You didnt see rooney complain did you? Obviously not saying it was a foul, but definitely wreckless nonetheless. Just shows that most people here are just English/Man U/Rooney haters.

  51. Anonymous says:

    leave rooney alone,

  52. MADREDEDIOS says:

    Chris, you clearly hate Rooney. I mean, come on, remove the hate-goggles that blind you and look at the video from a neutral point of view. His eyes are FIXED on the ball the entire time and while he never should have made the first kick, let alone the second one, you can’t lambaste the man and accuse him of trying to murk Collocini on purpose. Sure, he has his fair share of aggressive outbursts and challenges, but the fact is, he’s scored so many wunder-goals that all of you can go suck it. So yes, go suck it you haters.

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