Jose Mourinho Refuses To Name Ultimate XI During FIFA Q&A Session Out Of Respect For His ‘Brothers In Arms’

Chris Wright

6th, January 2017



As part of a Q&A grilling on the FIFA website, Jose Mourinho was once again asked to piece together a ‘Mourinho XI’ of the best players he’s worked with as a coach.

Once again, his answer was stout and non-committal, though it did take the form of a profound battle cry of sorts as Mourinho valiantly name-checked a list of players who have sacrificed their vital fluids for him over the years:

It’s an answer that I’ve always refused to give and will continue to. So many players gave their blood and soul when they played for me, how can I name some and forget others?

Vitor Baia, Petr Cech, Julio Cesar… how can I choose just one? Jorge Costa, Ricardo Carvalho, Marco Materazzi, Lucio, Walter Samuel, John Terry… how can I choose one?

Michael Essien, Wesley Sneijder, Nemanja Matic, Costinha, Maniche, Xabi Alonso, Frank Lampard … how can I choose one?

I don’t think I will ever answer that question because I’ll never forget my brothers in arms.

Notice he stopped short of naming any attacking players there.

Typical Mourinho.


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  1. Wrong says:

    Stopped short of naming any attacking players? I don’t like to be rude but I would say Lamps and Sneijder were pretty attacking.

  2. The Funny Man says:

    Materazzi was an attacking player as well because he attacked people.


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