‘I’d Be Lying If I Said I Didn’t’ – Andy Gray Admits Considering Taking Own Life In Aftermath Of Sky Sports Sexism Farrago

Chris Wright

6th, March 2012


By Chris Wright

Speaking candidly to the Evening Standard, Andy Gray has admitted that he considered killing himself in the months after both he and Richard Keys were sacked by Sky Sports when a slew of the pair’s sexist remarks were made public back in January of 2011.

Asked if he’d thought about taking his own life at any point, Gray said:

“Yes. I would be lying if I said I didn’t. I had never felt like I have felt from January 25th [of last year] onwards.”

“[We were sacked] on a Saturday morning. I got a call on Monday from Andy Melvin [deputy head of Sky Sports] just telling us, ‘Don’t come in today for Monday night football. It escalated from there for some reason, I’ve no idea why.

“This was a private bit of banter released to the social media and for some reason the press, etc, tore us apart. I have no problems with a woman referee. It wasn’t a criticism, it was a light-hearted quip.

“I wish I’d never said it and, if I caused Sian any problems, then of course I’m terribly disappointed. Richard [Keys] phoned her, apologised on our behalf and she said, ‘Don’t be so stupid, guys.'”

A video of Gray making an ill-judged lewd comment to fellow Sky Sports presenter Charlotte Jackson (“just tuck it in there love!,” etc, etc…) also emerged at the time, which the 56-year old wrote off as BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNTTTTZZZZZZZ!!!!!!. Nothing more, nothing less:

“Again, it’s probably an old man trying to be funny. It was no more than that. Charlotte knows us very well. For 17 years, my life was a dressing room and everyone who’s been in a dressing room knows what kind of banter goes on.

“It’s a place where you can get ripped apart at times by your fellow players. We had that type of dressing room at Sky where we wanted people to feel comfortable and we had conversations about many things.

“In 20 years in studios up and down the country I’ve heard people saying things off camera that would make your hair curl. I do not see myself as sexist. Not in a million years.

“I have four daughters and I was brought up by a wonderful mother on her own. She’s 91 and is distraught about what happened.”

Forgive my terrible unfeeling cynicism, but I’m not entirely certain that this is Gray ‘baring his soul’ or him merely putting the feelers out for a bit of sympathy. It’s hard to tell with one as boorish as he.

He may well be an atavistic, guffawing fossil of a man, but if Gray truthfully considered taking his own life as a result of the fall-out then he’s obviously deserving of our compassion as well as our pity. He should not be mocked for his candour on the matter.

While we’re on the subject. This little snippet of the Standard’s interview (conducted by former Beeb man Mihir Bose) is also worthy of a mention:

“As proof [of him not being sexist, Gray] explains that the rector of the church in Lower Slaughter in Gloucestershire for his third marriage last month was female.

““Veronica [James] was fantastic and we had a lovely Church of England wedding. There you are.”

“Gray does not have to spell out the implication. If he can accept female priests, which have caused such division in the church, how can he be sexist?”

Did he really just play the ‘some of my closest rectors are women’ card? Sepp would be proud.

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  1. COB_USA says:

    Obviously he’s completely distraught about it. He had Keys call and apologize.

  2. newcassel says:

    Pathetic twat
    He should never have been employed by Sky in the first place
    Perfect example of why a dressing room lad is always going to be out of his depth as a front man for global TV

  3. Mr. Sparkle says:

    ” It escalated from there for some reason, I’ve no idea why.”

    Fuck me, is this man as dumb as I always thought he was

    “I have four daughters and I was brought up by a wonderful mother on her own. She’s 91 and is distraught about what happened.”

    I have no words to say.

  4. Wizz Biz says:

    I want him back, i funkin hate gary ‘shitlip’ neville. Andy gray had passion.

    the world has gone PC mental

  5. Pau says:

    Who can honestly say they never thought about suicide?

  6. Sex God says:

    Andy Gray is a fortified sex god. Take a bow son.

  7. Alex says:

    “Asked if he’d thought about taking his own life at any point”

    Was that the opener? Tough interview…

    He’s human and anyone can make a mistake like he did, taking a joke too far etc., but he sounded quite angry when he was talking about the lineswoman. Uncool.

  8. Yassir says:

    Is this where the false moralists come out in sheer indignation? Oh cool .

    None of you have ever made a comment that could be construed as ‘sexist’ about any female, have you now? Good little boys, arn’t you? :)

    This was one of the most over-blown stories of last year (in fact, maybe of any I can remember ever).

  9. Kacker says:

    Regardless of what a massive twat he was, I think a private joke is nothing to lose your job for. An apology and move on. Sad times.

  10. Lanthanum says:

    Sorry to bring up FIFA 12, but Alan Smith has absolutely 0% passion, whereas Andy would have had those classic lines of his that make no sense. Hopefully everyone can forgive him before FIFA 13.

  11. never banega says:

    @5 Pau- chuck norris. duh.

  12. AJM says:

    Is this any surprise? Gray’s commentating was basically him airing the imaginary conversations in his head

    “And when it looked like all was lost, Paul Scholes looked up and thought to himself ‘Go on, Wayne, here’s a chance on a platter!’ and Wayne Rooney responded the only way he could, with an absolute cracker. Tikabooson”

  13. Mr. Sparkle says:

    A private joke? He lambasted a linesman simply because she was a woman, the thing with the microphone wasn’t some bad sexist joke. It’s considered sexual harassment; if you try that in your workplace you’ll probably lose your job and will likely face legal troubles.

  14. jimhanbury says:

    yes a private joke. there probably wasn’t any actually malice involved and it definitely isn’t sexual harassment. Mr.Sparkle you gotta lighten up. yes it was a mistake and he should have apologised but no need for the sack. the amount of millions of guys in the pub having the same debate about a female linesman? doesn’t make it right but forgivable.

  15. Redskywalker says:

    Give him a break for F***s sake. Please, look at yourself before criticising him. You’ve probably done alot worse.

  16. WildScotsman6 says:

    this world is gettin real soft, real fast…

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