Fantasy Football Neil Warnock style

Ollie Irish

6th, December 2006


Warnock_happyIt’s the new game everyone wants for Christmas (OK, it’s not – I just invented this – but run with me). You’re Neil Warnock. You have been given £5 million to keep your relegation-threatened club in the Premiership. How would you spend the money? I’m going to spend the first million on:

Lee Hendrie – Aston Villa (£1 million) The one-cap wonder is playing some of his best football in years on loan at Stoke City and definitely still looks capable of playing at the highest level.

Who else should Fantasy Neil spash the cash on?

[Rob Parker]

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  1. mr00v3ck says:

    Stan Collymore \o/

  2. bryn says:

    andy cole wouldn’t be the worst idea, as they are struggling for goals a bit. i’m a sheff wed fan though, so i hope he doesn’t spend it on anyone decent. possibly buy someone with the quality of adi akinbiyi neil?

  3. joe says:

    I think Cole is out injured at the moment, I don’t know how badly. Perhaps this is a longshot but could Matty Upson be lured with with promises of coke and hookers?