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12th, December 2006


Goran Ivanisevic… wait! It’s about football honest! I’ll start again… Huge massive great big football fan, Goran Ivanisevic played in the final of of the Masters tennis tournament in London sporting a West Bromich Albion shirt. He said: "I am a West Bromwich Albion fan, all the players in the team signed this shirt for me, and I wanted to win this title for all the West Bromwich Albion fans…we are going to go up again this season, and then kick some ass in the Premiership." Incidentally, his opponent Paul Haarhuis wore a hard hat to protect himself from the Croat’s booming serves.

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Harry Redknapp alluded to something slightly dodgy and sinister sounding when he said "I took Kanu on the Tuesday before the first game of the season because I never had any strikers. He said he hadn’t kicked a ball since last season and I asked him if he’d been training. He said ‘Yes, I’ve been running around the park some days’ and I thought ‘Yeah, I bet you have!’" Kanu isn’t pals with Stan Collymore is he?

Pies fave, Ian Holloway got all confused when he quipped "I’ve never written a speech in my life and I never will. I wrote one once and it was rubbish." Well, have you or haven’t you Ian? Speaking of writing, Mad Jens Lehmann flatly stated that "I do not know why a player at 25 wants to tell me all about their big experiences. When I consider the age I am now, I would have a lot to tell people. But it seems to be an English habit to come out with books that nobody needs." No prizes for guessing which former team mate he’s talking about there.

And finally, chant of the week which goes to the Stockport County fans who piped up with "You’re not as good as Christmas!" to Wycombe’s Jermaine Easter. Genius. [Mof Gimmers]

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