HolloWatch: Ian Holloway back to his crazy best

Ollie Irish

18th, December 2006

Holloway_5Plymouth boss Ian Holloway was back on top-form on Saturday with a trademark nutty post-match interview. An angry Holloway was not pleased with a 3-0 defeat against Preston, prompting him to coin the gem: "I didn’t recognise the Green Army. You can’t be an untethered horse." This is not the first appearance of a horse in a Holloway interview. Click below for more snippets from the interview.

HolloWatch: Ian Holloway back to his crazy best continued

"I haven’t gone mad – I’m just a bit disappointed to say the least. I want them to smell of what I am about – hard-working, organised, just like Preston were."

"I think you will find that Mr McKenna should not have fallen over. He went down like an Elton John song – ‘Candle In the Wind’.

Click here for more horsing around from Mr Holloway.

[Rob Parker]

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