Football Art: Artist James Hible’s Awesome Posters Feature Everything He Hates About The ‘Beautiful Game’

Chris Wright

8th, September 2012


By Chris Wright

This ‘ere is the work of artist James Hible, a couple of A1 posters entitled ‘Football Anecdotes: The Beautiful Game?’ which documents everything about the modern game that fills our James with venomous rage. As the man himself explains:

“Football is a big passion of mine and what these posters highlight is the problems affecting the beautiful game. Each issue is a story in sequential illustration form.

“The posters also show a range of emotions. From the slapstick humour of diving, shirt removing and crap merchandise to the more serious issues of racism, homophobia and sexism, which needs to be stamped out.”

We’re sure you’ll be able to sympathise with him over at least 90% of his bugbears (click for full-size images)…


Picture 1 of 2

James Hible - Football Anecdotes (1/2)

Fancy buying a print or merely browsing more of Hible’s portfolio? Mosey on over to his website.


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  1. Haywired says:

    I think I got most of them. I like the one on the left which I’m assuming represents the deference/sycophancy towards Messi (or perhaps Barcelona in general).

    My new most annoying commentating cliche is when Messi misses a shot and the commentator inevitable says “so he is human after all”. It was funny the first time…

  2. Luke says:

    Absolutely amazing and very complete too! Only thing I think is missing, is those twats with laser pointers.

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