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Can You Identify All These Club Symbols From Europe’s ‘Top Five’ Leagues?

By Chris Wright

Time for a bit of Friday afternoon fun. Can you correctly identify all 27 of these silhouetted club symbols taken from the badges of teams in Europe’s ‘top five’ leagues, i.e, the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and the Ligue 1?


The answers are in the top comment on this page.

How did you do? We managed a healthy 15. Beat that if you can!

(Brilliant idea from a bloke named iKhlaedR over on Reddit)

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By Chris on May 31st, 2013 in Miscellaneous, Newsnow. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

17 Responses to “Can You Identify All These Club Symbols From Europe’s ‘Top Five’ Leagues?”

  1. Large Pork Medallion says:

    14! Damn you, Pies. Kicked myself for thinking the Lazio eagle was Benfica.

  2. NathanM says:

    Top right: Peugeot?

  3. NathanM says:

    PS – Also 14, I managed to get Newcastle mixed up with Cesena. Right colours and Newcastle has an anagram of “Cesena” in it, do I get half a point?

  4. Hugo says:

    Seriously guys,

    The people when talk in the 5 major leagues in Europe is based in what?

    Because if you go by Uefa coeficient:

    1 – Espanha 13.312 17.928 18.214 20.857 17.714 88.025 0/7
    2 – Inglaterra 15.000 17.928 18.357 15.250 16.142 82.677 1/7
    3 – Alemanha 12.687 18.083 15.666 15.250 17.642 79.328 2/7
    4 – Itália 11.375 15.428 11.571 11.357 14.416 64.147 0/6
    5 – Portugal 6.785 10.000 18.800 11.833 11.750 59.168 1/6
    6 – França 11.000 15.000 10.750 10.500 11.750 59.000 0/6

    If you go by money leagues like the russian or ucranian are better.
    If you go by results the portuguese teams are much better, win more titles in europe with half the money of everyone else. Even the dutch league in that point is better. Explain me. :)

    I admit i’m portuguese :)

    • Chris says:

      @Hugo: It’s nothing personal and it’s not “in Pies’ opinion”, it’s just that those five leagues are almost universally referred to as “the big five” when it comes to European football.

  5. Greg says:

    16! Could have swore one of those was FC Twente. Then I realised that Holland wasn’t one of the leagues. Didn’t get a single German one which is a concern.

  6. Ross says:

    13, twats!

  7. dupply says:


  8. TravisKOP says:

    12, the fucking Italian ones threw me off

  9. justin says:

    you score sixteen, which is awesome, and then you say FC Twente should be in there, which isnt’t by a long shot…

  10. iKhaledR says:

    WOOHOO thats my picture :D!

  11. maria says:

    French league isn’t top five. Portuguese, Dutch and Scottish league are better.

  12. antoniocell says:

    2-valencia, 3-tottenham, 4-eintracht Frankfurt, 5-sochaux, 7-torino, 9-sampdoria, 11-man utd, 12-eintracht braunschweig, 14-swansea, 15-liverpool, 16-genoa,17-palermo, 19-atalanta, 20-bayer leverkusen, 21-chelsea, 23-lazio, 25-reading, 27-pescara, this is what I think I know, pretty sure i know the first one, but dont remembre the name.
    And I scored 16, not bad

  13. antoniocell says:

    Lyon’s symbol is a total rip off from eintracht braunschweig’s, ishould have scored 17!

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