Ex-footballer Steve Anthrobus fined £500 for having sex in a field

Ollie Irish

20th, March 2007


Steve Anthrobus
, a former striker who has played for Millwall, Wimbledon and Shrewsbury Town, has been fined for having alfresco sex on a picnic blanket in Brownhills, Staffordshire.
At least he had the decency to do it on a blanket, like a proper gentleman. ‘Saucy Striker Steve’, as the tabloids will doubtless dub him, admitted the offence and now has to cough up £500. His partner in crime, Debbie Matthews, was fined £250. Not sure why she only has to pay half? Maybe she faked it…

Judge Robert Orme told the shamed pair that it had been ‘deeply distressing’ for the members of the public who had witnessed the act. Hey, at least it wasn’t a roasting. [Via BBC]