Cristiano Ronaldo Catches Fire, Chery Cole Dumps Ashley Cole By Text, Carlos Tevez Still AWOL, England World Cup Base Half-Finished

Ollie Irish

22nd, February 2010

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By Ollie Irish



Mr & Mrs Cole in happier times

“Move out. It’s over.” Cheryl Cole has dumped Ashley by text, says tabloid. Ironic LOLZ [The Sun]

Spain finally gets to see the real genius of Cristiano Ronaldo [FourFourTwo]

Where’s Waldo Carlos Tevez? See if you can spot him (right-click image to see XL version)…


Spot him? Anyway, the AWOL Argentine is due to reappear in time for Man City’s weekend clash against Chelsea. Or else Bobby Mancini will be very unhappy indeed [Times]

England’s 2010 World Cup base looks, er, unfinished [The Spoiler]

Ashton United of Manchester could go out of business after being ordered to pay £32,000 in compensation for career-ending tackle on Altrincham striker. Landmark decision, dangerous precedent [MEN]

Lukas Podolski has lost his mojo [Guardian]

Wolves legend Steve Bull remembers his career, including the time Gazza wouldn’t pass to him on England duty [Mirror]

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