Gordon Brown: ‘I Wanted To Be A Football Manager’

Ollie Irish

25th, February 2010

By Ollie Irish


PM: “And I thought my eyesight was bad”

Prime Minister Gordon Brown revealed in an interview with ShortList magazine that he would have loved a career in the beautiful game. He went for a career in the lying game instead, and I wonder if he regrets it.

Brown said: “I wanted to be a footballer. I just love football. I played rugby, too. And I would have loved to have been a football manager. It’s a great idea, isn’t it, to be able to manage people and get a great team. But I can’t do that, so I’ve got shares in Raith Rovers. They’ve got a good manager and some really good young players, but they don’t have as much money as other clubs.”


“How does this work, Sepp?”

The PM also admitted that he’ll be supporting England in the World Cup – but only because the Scots didn’t qualify. He continued: “If Scotland were playing, I’d support Scotland. If England are playing I support them – just as long as it’s not against Scotland. I think England have got a pretty good team. Fabio Capello’s doing very well and I think, despite all the intrigues and controversies… You know, you speak to all the leaders around the world, all the presidents and prime ministers, and almost all of them would have England in their top four.”

Read the full interview at ShortList.com (A recommended read – Brown actually sounds like a real human being for once)

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