HolloWatch: Ian Holloway promises to buy a round for 700 Plymouth Argyle fans

Ollie Irish

15th, August 2006

Around 700 Plymouth Argyle fans made the long trip to Sunderland last week. They were rewarded not only with a 3-2 away win, but also the promise of a pint from Pilgrims boss/Who Ate All the Pies hero Ian Holloway:

‘I hope I see one or two of those on the Barbican over the next couple of days and I might like to buy them a drink,’ Hollers said. ‘So anyone who travelled up here, please send me a letter – I’d love to buy you a drink.’

When it was pointed out that the round might cost a few quid, Holloway responded: ‘I don’t care. That’s what
football is all about for me. It’s passion – you can’t get rid of it.
It’s marvellous… I’m quite popular at the moment…’


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