Gary Neville Won’t Be A Top-Class Manager, Rooney Fit For Milan Clash, Umbro Kit Crimes, Cesc Fatregas, Capello Loves Golf

Ollie Irish

8th, March 2010


By Ollie Irish


Excellent Gary Neville interview by Paul Hayward, in which G-Nev reveals why he doubts he’ll make it as a top-class manager [Observer]

Chris Charles profiles QPR’s ‘Tiger Cubs’ team, which is made up entirely of kids with Down’s syndrome. A heart-warming post, highly recommended [BBC]


Umbro wanted for 80s crimes against kits [Umbro]

Ryan Shawcross is your Idiot of the Week [Caught Offside]

Lee Chung-Yong is Bolton’s best-kept secret [BigSoccer]

Wayne Rooney passed fit to torment Milan in Champions League [The Sun]

Cesc Fat-regas [The Pro Show]

Fabio Capello loves golf. A lot [The Spoiler]

Rafael van der Vaart gets stuck in his own shirt, poor chap [Back of the Net]

Frontline Football: Palestine vs Iraq [Twohundredpercent]

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is a secret soccer freak [BigSoccer]

Don’t listen to Jeff Cunningham, he’s NOT Freddy Adu [Dirty Tackle]

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  1. AP says:

    It really is a good read, that Neville interview. And that Jeff Cunningham bit is as accurate a picture of the U.S. “soccer” situation as you’ll see, I think. Funny, though.

  2. vt says:

    The Umbro link is broken?

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