USA World Cup Home Kit Leaked, The Double Overhead Kick, Professional Tottenham Sh*t Lookalikes

Ollie Irish

23rd, April 2010


By Ollie Irish

Pies likes these links:

A remarkable double overhead kick [The Spoiler]

Top 10 professional Spurs lookalikes. Plenty of Shit Lookalikes in here [TottenhamBlog]

More leaked pics of USA World Cup home shirt. You know, the one with the sash [FSC]

Mourinho and Guardiola, two superheroes [Run of Play]

Zinedine Zidane to take part in Soccer Aid at Old Trafford in June [Unreality TV]

Debenhams selling vintage England kits. Sweet [Debenhams]

Leicester striker DJ Campbell arrested in connection with nightlcub stabbing [Goaly Moly]

Vote for Pies in EPL Talk awards! [Best blog and best blogger]

New TFT podcast available [TFT]

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  1. mikedamone says:

    The US one isn’t exactly a shit kit but it isn’t exactly sophisticated either (which actually describes most of my countrymen… if you can call them that… to a tee)

    Still, I can’t bear to support the US team… we’re like the jamaican bobsled team, it just doesn’t make sense (although its starting to… albeit slowly). its much more fun to support the countries were my ancestors came from anyway. Which lately for me means germany because the irish got screwed thanks to a well-timed handball – les batards!

    Yes folks, there’s a yank out there who really doesn’t care for his country (or any for that matter).

  2. Lookalikes says:
    Lookalike: Jack Wilshere and Po

  3. Brandon says:

    Well mike if that’s what you think of your home country team, your new name is judas. People like you make me sick. Your just a glory hunting cunt. My parents are from holland. And I support my USMNT before I support holland. USA USA USA

  4. really? says:

    really mike you wont support your own country? because i’ll tell you this much when you go to germany no matter how much of a euro snob you are your still a stupid american in their eyes.. cunt.. USMNT TILL I DIE. AND WE’RE GONNA PUT THE HURTING ON ENGLAND ON JUNE 12 NOT BECAUSE WE HAVE BETTER PLAYERS [BECAUSE CERTAINLY WE DONT] BUT WE GOT HEART THATS MORE THAN I CAN SAY FOR ALOT OF THESE HIGH PROFILE NATIONAL TEAMS. USA USA USA USA USA!

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