Will Roy Keane make a great manager?

Ollie Irish

25th, August 2006


Seems probable that Roy Keane will be announced as Sunderland’s new manager. That’s a bloody big club to manage when you have no previous coaching experience.

A lot of world-class players have failed to make the grade as managers, but I think Keane has what it takes to succeed – he’d certainly command the respect of any dressing room he walked into (I can’t imagine the Sunderland players would give Keane any lip or show him any disrespect).

Do you agree, or do you think Keane will fail as a manager?

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  1. Joe says:

    Honestly I think it will be tough for Keane to be a success at Sunderland. He’s brand new to coaching and it may be too much too fast. I have a great respect for him as a player but I think the different pressures and frustrations of management will lead to him storming off in a torrent of profanity. I’m not sure if he’ll be diplomatic enough for that position yet. But all the best to him I hope it works, perhaps the relationship he already has with Niall Quinn will be helpful to him. It’d be fantastic to see him get them promoted back to the top flight so he could manage against Fergie!!

  2. mof gimmers says:

    Didn’t Niall Quinn lead the criticisms against Keane after the World Cup debacle in Korea? I personally thought that they despised each other.
    Basically, after the Alf Minge Haaland tackle, I hope he fails in everything he does. I’m not a fan of him, regardless of his talent.