Will Wembley ever get finished?


30th, August 2006

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Wembley_5I’m getting tired of this nonesense going on with the new Wembley Stadium. Brian Barwick, FA cheif clown says it’s all the fault of Megaplex. The ‘Plex on the other hand are blaming someone else. Someone else probably thinks it’s all Barwick’s fault… and on and on and on… To be honest, I don’t care where the blame lies, I just want to be proud of something for once.

With various shambolic attempts at getting the chance to host the World Cup under our belt, you’d think that the £757million used by the FA would have got us a stadium by now… especially as FIFA are sniffing around our every move to see if we’re up to hosting a tournament like the World Cup. Fair enough, we’ve got the Olympics… but the Olympics is nowhere near as big as football’s most prestigious tournament.

It seems that, to have a successful bid, you need a decent set of grounds. Ok, we’ve got those. You need a flagship stadium to host all the biggies in. Nope. Oh, and a decent transport system to get people from venue to venue. Well, the trains run about as timely as our Wembley. So what can we do? To be honest, I think we’re more likely to have a second coming of Jesus Christ than we are a national stadium. The whole thing reeks of mismanagement, much like the terrible Millenium Dome… which incidentally (and ironically) is set to be a huge place for gambling. That’s the trouble. Too many gambles and not enough sound decision making. No wonder Adam Crozier ran off to the Royal Mail. Still, at least Sven was £25million well spent eh?

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1 Comment

  1. Dan O’Leary says:

    A shambles indeed…
    Mind you, Arsenal have just managed to build one of the country’s finest stadia (if not THE best) for the costs of half that of Wembley, on time and on budget and with minimum fuss on an inner city site.
    Any lessons to learn there fellas?