Pies Fantasy Friday: week 2 table

Ollie Irish

1st, September 2006

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Still all to play for, early days etc etc:

1st Houssemayne FC (Jan) 38 points
2nd Modbury Juniors (Ollie) 35
3rd Where Was Dean Ashton? (Tommy) 34
4th Scrumpy Rovers (Simon) 33
5th Onimans Legends (James) 32
6th Tanghall Tykes (Matt D) 30
7th= Villa Rourke Fc (Jez) 29
7th= Strictly Badmanism (Matt M) 29
7th= Pauper For Manse (Rob P) 29
10th West Country All-Stars (Ben) 28
11th Felixs X1 (Felix) 26
12th Gimmervision (Mof) 23
13th Big Bunch of Lewsers (Lewis) 20
14th Dynamo George Vader (Rob W) 19
15th KP Nuts 11 (Tim) 12
16th= Abney Park Rangers (Ash) 11
16th= Dial Square (Nicholas) 11

Good week: New league leader Jan (Polish,
drives a Smart Car) has risen faster than Jimmy Bullard up a chimney.
Well done Jan – but surely it can’t last. Matt M was the week’s big
mover, scoring a whopping 18 points (Darren Bent, John Terry and Jimmy
Bullard all doing the business for Team Strictly Badmanism).

Bad week: Mof began Week 2 on 23 points and ended Week 2 on…
23 points. Doh. Meanwhile, Shiny Media head honcho Ash is mirroring his beloved
Arsenal’s dodgy start.

Don’t forget that new players have been added to the players’ list: Tevez, Mascherano, Anelka etc.

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1 Comment

  1. Rob P says:

    A good week (and noticing that we can make transfers!) has pushed me up from relegation battler to mid-table mediocrity!!!