Football is tougher than ice hockey, NFL, baseball or any other U.S sport you care to mention

Ollie Irish

1st, September 2006


Yeah, that’s right, you heard me punks! Some of our American cousins seem to think that football (or soccer as it’s called in less-developed nations) is for wimps. Well, I can assure you that football is a damn sight tougher than ice hockey (Torvill & Dean pussies), NFL (more protective padding than your average Texan family), baseball (steeped in macho bullsh*t but essentially much less dangerous than cricket), basketball (ha!) or whatever other U.S ball sport you care to name.

Yeah, boyyyyyyy, that’s how we do! And if you disagree, I’ll see you in the car park…

Ollie, Pies Ed.

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  1. Mr Mr says:

    Hockey players get up after they are hit. SOccer players are pussies. I play soccer but let’s be honest. I think that Donald Brashear would be the hell out of the entire EPL.
    Ever have a soccer player lose three teeth in a game, get stiched up and assist on the winning goal later on. No, didn’t think so.

  2. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    Ever had a hockey player break his neck during a match and still play on? No, didn’t think so…
    During the FA Cup Final Bert Trautmann dived at the feet of an attacking Birmingham City striker, received a nasty blow to the head and fell unconscious – still clutching the ball. He was revived with smelling salts and continued playing. Manchester City won 3:1 and Trautmann rescued the match with several fine saves in the last few minutes. When handing out the winners’ medals in Wembley Stadium, Prince Philip asked: “Why are you holding your head so crooked?” To which Trautmann replied: “I have a stiff neck.” It was only four days later that a hospital doctor took an X-ray and established that Trautmann had broken his neck.

  3. named says:

    HAH! You can breathe on a soccer player and he goes down faster than a chav slut… hockey players block, yes BLOCK pucks moving at 100 MPH, skate on blades less than an inch thick and run into people repeatedly during a game… guys that are 6′ 200lbs minimum moving at 30-40 MPH themselves. Soccer players are girls. It’s a great game to watch though!
    As for broken neck Trautmann… he’s a German. They’re tough.

  4. Mr Mr says:

    As an exception football players are pansies. As a rule hockey players are tough. Period. There is no comparison of the two sports. The average soccer player (as per the world cup (particularly portugal)) was tought to collapse like he was shot the minute someone touches him. And someone in the FARK forums made a point about England, Germany and the Czech republic being cold like Canada.
    If you think England is cold then you really are a pansy.