Gillette Fusion: the Joy of Shaving

Ollie Irish

4th, September 2006

Gillette_bladeThere’s a pretty strong beard culture here at Shiny with various staff members sporting everything from George Michael style stubble through to full on Goatees. And that’s just the girls. Actually just kidding, but admiring the Robert Pires/D’Artagnan style mini beard is one thing, recreating it is another. Also what about those times when formal occasions dictate a less hirsute approach?

So ultimately we understand the point of owning a good razor or two. Gillette, as you probably know, has launched a shaving system in the UK with, wait for it, five blades on the front and one on the back. Yep five blades!? They are taking the piss right? Quite how they managed to fit them onto a razor is one thing, what they do is another matter. As for the one on the back, apparently this is the precision trimmer that enables you to get at hair in those out of the way places.


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