Fun for all the family – the Zidane headbutt game

Ollie Irish

11th, July 2006

Picture_4_24It’s the fun new game for all the family – how many times can Zidane butt Materazzi before he’s sent off? Use your mouse to control the big French rammer and then click to execute a vicious, out-of-character butt. [Via AddictingClips]

Btw, Zidane returned to Paris with his team-mates yesterday, to a hero’s welcome. Seems like his legacy is assured.

Btw2, the British newspapers employed five different lip-readers to try to make out what Materazzi said to ZZ. Each come up with a different answer. The Sun’s lip-reader claims that Materazzi called Zidane a ‘son of a terrorist whore’. Whereas The Guardian‘s so-called expert claims that the Italian
said, ‘I wish an ugly death to you and all your family,’ and then told
Zidane to ‘go f**k yourself’. Full story here, if you’re interested in more lip-reading guesswork.

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