How much do you love Pele?


7th, September 2006


I love Pele. I loved him in Escape to Victory and I loved him in a Brazil shirt and I loved him in those Viagra ads. However, I don’t love Pele enough to splash out £1,600 on a book about him. That’s right, the coffee-table-punishing Pele costs £1,600. This limited-edition book weighs 12kg, contains 1,700 photographs (including snaps by Andy Warhol and Juergen Teller) and contains more than 300,000 words.

For that money I’d expect Pele himself to deliver the book personally and then have a kick-about with me in my back garden.

If you’ve lost your mind or you really, really love Pele and you want to buy this book, you can do so here.