The Snapshot: NY Giants prepare to play Miami Dolphins in a real NFL game at Wembley Stadium


27th, October 2007


The New York Giants practice prior to their NFL game (no, it’s not an exhibition match this time) against the Miami Dolphins, which will be played at Wembley Stadium tomorrow. The Giants should stomp all over the Dolphins, who have been abject this season: they have lost all seven of their games so far, whereas NY are a healthy 5-2. That said, I have sneaking fancy that Miami could upset the form book. Just don’t quote me on it…
Photo Al Bello/Getty Images

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  1. Murfmensch says:

    It would be a thrill if two EPL clubs agreed to play their matches here in the states. Only one match might give one of the clubs a home-field and hitting two cities would help the sport out considerably.
    Please keep Saint Louis in mind!

  2. Dave Lee says:

    If a Premiership game is ever played anywhere else other than England than I’ll get myself down the the F.A and slap every executive in sight.
    What a load of bollocks. Get the NFL out of here!

  3. Matt Parker says:

    There’s a good reason American football hasn’t taken off…
    It’s rubbish.

  4. David Keyes says:

    I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard the word “abject” used in describing American football. It’s generally not a word in the vocabulary of many American football fans.

  5. QStel says:

    I’m Dutch and all I know is that it went downhill with Ajax Amsterdam once they allowed a Dutch American football team to play their games in the Ajax stadium.
    That two American Football teams are playing at Wembley should be an insult to every football fan (and the English in particular).

  6. greg says:

    “throwball”, as it should be called, should never come to england or anywhere else. what a boring sport.

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