Where have all the ginger footballers gone?

Ollie Irish

13th, July 2006


Of the 900-odd players at the World Cup, I can’t remember one with ginger hair – I mean properly ginger hair, not strawberry blonde like Australia’s Craig Moore.

Where have all the gingers gone? Is there a secret Kick Gingers Out campaign to rid the beautiful game of our red-haired cousins? I miss the days when every First Division team had a ginger player. These days there’s Dave Kitson at Reading (pictured, right), but gingers are a dying breed in the domestic game too. What’s going on?

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  1. ian says:


  2. Lew says:


  3. Dave says:

    How about Kuyt? –>(useless)

  4. Jim Cohen says:

    Hi my name is Jim Cohen and I am a Ginger Footballer. Us Gings get bad press and I have to say it is entirely justified as I always hit the crossbar. Do with me what you will.