Fantasy Friday: week 4 review


15th, September 2006

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As Alan Hansen likes to say, you can’t win the league in September – but you can lose it. Canny, Alan, canny. No one in the Pies fantasy league has lost it yet, although a couple of managers are trying their best. Congrats to new league leader Tommy, who had a storming week and wins the first ever Pies Fantasy League monthly prize (yet to be confirmed, but we”ve got a couple of cool things lined up, so hold you horses Tom).

Click below to see the league table as it stands going into this weekend’s round of Premier League matches…

Fantasy Friday: week 4 update continued…

The current league table:

1 Where Was Dean Ashton? (Tommy) 55
2 Houssemayne FC (Jan) 47 points
3 Scrumpy Rovers (Simon) 45

4= Modbury Juniors (Ollie) 44
4= West Country All-Stars (Ben) 44
6 Strictly Badmanism (Matt M) 41
7 Onimans Legends (James) 38
8 Villa Rourke Fc (Jez) 34
9 Tanghall Tykes (Matt D) 33
10= Pauper For Manse (Rob P) 32
10= Gimmervision (Mof) 32
12 Dynamo George Vader (Rob W) 30
13 Felixs X1 (Felix) 24

14 Dial Square (Nicholas) 22
15 Abney Park Rangers (Ash) 19
16 Big Bunch of Lewsers (Lewis) 18 
Good week for… Tommy, who outscored everyone else by, erm, lots of points, thanks to his cunning 5-3-2 formation. Your special prize is being fashioned as we speak. Jan and Simon, you’ll also win small prizes for coming second and third this month.

Bad week for… Felix began the week on 26 points and ended it on 24 points. Go figure.

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  1. Tommy says:

    Hey this has been a lot of fun for me to do, the prizes are just an added perk so thanks for everything. Im here in the United States and i dont get to see or talk about much football so this has been a real treat for me. Keep it up and whoateallthepies is for sure my favorite site around!