Top 5 quotes of the week


26th, September 2006

Toy_horse5 ‘Before the match my daughter said: "Beenie the horse
wants to sit next to you by the drinks holder on the touchline". It is
difficult to tell a seven-year-old: "This is the Premiership, I’m known
as Psycho and I’m a hard man".’

Man City boss Stuart Pearce explains the role of a toy horse in his side’s crucial win against West Ham.  

Top 5 quotes of the week continued…

4 ‘He constantly wants sex because he thinks he can wear his groin out if it’s being fixed. It’s exhausting.’
Sheree Murphy, Harry Kewell’s missus, gives us too much information.

3 ‘I am going to Lourdes. Maybe that will help.’
Charlton’s injury crisis is getting to Ian Dowie.

‘The ref asked me the most stupid question ever: "Have
you been booked already?" I don’t know what he was expecting me to say
but I said "no".’

Falkirk’s Stephen O’Donnell, who had already been booked against Hibs, lies to the ref. He was belatedly sent off later.

1 ‘I got hit in the nose again – with the size of my nose I’m surprised they didn’t have to evacuate the Riverside!’
Blackburn’s Robbie Savage on his nosebleed at Middlesbrough.

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