This week’s Champions League games: what the bloggers say


28th, September 2006

‘I like Hleb, I have to say, and I think he’s going to be a big player
for us this season. With him and Rosicky on the flanks we’ve got pace,
skill and hard work. Rosicky looks a class act, he doesn’t give up on
lost causes, gets stuck in and he can shoot from distance.’ [Arsenal v Porto, Arseblog]
‘Peter Crouch used all 25 feet of his legs to connect on an overhead
goal that turned out to be the game winner in Liverpool’s 3-2 win over
Galatasaray in Champions League on Wednesday. Now you know what a
windmill looks like turned on its side.’
[Liverpool v Galatasaray, The Offside]
‘Everyone at United is entitled to be concerned because, by his
extraordinary standards, Wayne Rooney’s form has been close to wretched in
four of his five games this season, the nadir being Tuesday’s win
against Benfica when his body language was as poor as his touch.’ [Benfica v Man Utd, Guardian Blog]
‘In my opinion, Gerrard should only play with Sissoko in the middle. If there’s Alonso, then Gerrard should now be on the right wing. Because of Gerrard’s style of play, he constantly left gaps in the middle and to be honest, he’s quite poor at dictating the game’s tempo.’ [Liverpool v Galatasaray, Red Cauldron]

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