Fantasy Friday: week 7 review


6th, October 2006


There now follows another frustrating Premiership mini-break, during which time England will attempt to strengthen their qualifying position for Euro 2008. The next round of Prem matches begins on Sat. 14th October. I’m sure most Premiership managers hate these mini-breaks, as do most fantasy managers. Anyway, enough griping, here’s the latest Pies fantasy league table:

Fantasy Friday: week 7 review continued…

This week’s league table:

1 Modbury Juniors (Ollie) 93 points
2= Where Was Dean Ashton? (Tommy) 88
2= Scrumpy Rovers (Simon) 88

4 Houssemayne FC (Jan) 86
5 Pauper For Manse (Rob P) 80
6= West Country All-Stars (Ben) 79
6= Strictly Badmanism (Matt M) 79

8 Onimans Legends (James) 71
9 Gimmervision (Mof) 60
10 Villa Rourke Fc (Jez) 58
11 Tanghall Tykes (Matt D) 56
12 Dynamo George Vader (Rob W) 55

13 Felixs X1 (Felix) 48

14 Dial Square (Nicholas) 47

15 Big Bunch of Lewsers (Lewis) 43
16 Abney Park Rangers (Ash) 40

Good week for… Me, again.
Bad week for… Ash, agan.

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  1. Lew says:

    Man I really need to concentrate on this!

  2. Tommy says:

    great job ollie, you are starting to pull away from us. dont get all that comfortable because we will be back for sure. Thanks for putting this on and i always love the fantasy reviews. Great work!