FIFA Finally Agree To Test Goal-Line Technology

Chris Wright

4th, February 2011


By Chris Wright

FIFA have announced that they plan to conduct tests into ten different proposals for goal-line technology systems which, if successful, should be implemented when the IFAB (essentially football’s law-makers) meet again in March of this year.

Zurich-based FIFA will allow Zurich-based research institution EMPA to conduct the tests on their behalf, with experiments due to start on February 7th and run through to the 13th.

From the PA’s news wire:

“Each system will have to demonstrate they meet the criteria of being 100% accurate, and can also relay the decision automatically to referees within a second.

“The results of EMPA’s experiments will then be announced at the meeting of the International FA Board meeting at Celtic Manor, near Newport, Wales on March 5th.”

About. Sodding. Time.

With FIFA’s sub-glacial rate of progression in mind, you can probably expect to see goal-line technology wash up on the Premier League’s shores around about the time that the second ice age descends upon the Earth.