Gerard Pique & Shakira Visit Jerusalem’s Western Wall (Photos)

Chris Wright

21st, June 2011


By Chris Wright

In which Gerard Pique and his lovely missus touch down in the Holy Land in order to visit the Western Wall (the Grand Poobah of holy Jewish walls) in Old Jerusalem before buggering off to attend a conference on education for children at a summit organised by Israeli President Shimon Peres.

Sounds like a hoot…

The things you have to do when you’re bumping uglies with a human rights activist, eh?

(Photos: PA)

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  1. wiggs says:

    4th photo down: Did Pique forget his homework again?

  2. lordrt says:

    Where’s Altair and the other Assassins? :D

  3. Dr. Robredo says:

    Is Pique jewish?

  4. pterodactyl says:

    I’m not sure you can be considered a “human rights activist” when playing of your music in a public place contravenes the UN resolution banning the use of torture.

  5. ben says:

    he is jew (borat voice)

  6. Bob The Builder says:

    High Five(Borat Voice)

  7. Raul says:

    has any one gotten drunk and took a piss on the wall

  8. theredflag says:

    If they have, they didn’t get out alive.

  9. QueerAsFuß says:

    The picture of Pique at the Kotel is beautiful. *♪ Koooool ode balevav….♫*

    @Dr. Robredo- I believe he is Catholic.
    Though I think he is being very respectful to pray at the Wailing Wall wearing a yarmulke.
    And Jerusalem is holy for several faiths after all.

    @ MTM- Are you cute? If not, thanks but no thanks…

    BTW- this post was tagged over on Anti-Semitism News Network but just before anyone freaks that it’s some spazz against WAATP, ASNN also tags stories which are positive or just plain of general interest of Jews.
    Just to quote the site:
    “Please be open minded and not make the assumption because something is posted on this web site it should be interpreted as anti-Semitic, we like to post news positive and inspiring for Jews too”

  10. TravisKOP says:

    totally worth it dood

  11. WasALikerNowAHater says:

    Shame on them both!!..& she calls herself half arabic!?…-they are killing the people you belong to worthless belly dancer!!
    No arabic person..& I repeat no arabic person or any other person with respect to the humanity, like or cares about these two from now on!
    Fighting against racism
    & visiting ´Israel´!? No sence!

  12. jojo says:

    “Please be open minded and not make the assumption because something is posted on this web site it should be interpreted as anti-Semitic, we like to post news positive and inspiring for Jews too”

    yeah right. another anti-semitic watchdog… please **** off.

  13. […] las manos de encima ni dejar de besarse, días atrás los tortolos anduvieron  de vacaciones en Jerusalén, pero en realidad desde que confirmaron su romance en Marzo del año pasado posteando aquella […]

  14. QueerAsFuß says:

    Jojo- I didn’t tag it over there I have nothing to do with the site except going there to see what’s in the new. I just didn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about Pies being listed there.

    And about Pique and Shakira visiting…
    Maybe they are concerned with the fact that one of the upcoming WCs is going to be held in a country where it is illegal to be either Jewish or gay? So giving a little support to a systematically discriminated group, in which the discrimination is conveniently being looked over by FIFA, might help highlight the fact that is not okay to discriminate that way. Maybe Shakira wants to show the Arab point of view have some of that heritage herself.
    Or maybe the fact that Israel is a nation where racial and religious tension between Jews, Arab and, to a lesser extent, Christians is a major issue makes it the perfect place to go and try and spread a message of tolerance.
    I’m no crazy Zionist who thinks Israel can do no wrong but Pique has stated in interviews that he tries to live by a personal code of religious tolerance and educating himself about the faiths and cultures around him in the Footy and wide world and to help spread that basic respectful attitude to those around him.
    You can tolerate something without liking it/agreeing with it- you just have to accord the people involved with the same basic human dignities you would appreciate to have yourself(the freedom to love, the freedom to worship your deity/deities/or not worship any deity, the freedom to not get live and ply you trade, etc.).

    But you know what, whatever, people make gay jokes and insults on here all the time and I try and laugh it off/laugh along with it.
    Now if people want to act disrespectfully the same way about Judaism I’ll take the same attitude.

    I like being Jewish and I like being gay and I like football. I’m very happy with my life and myself and who I am. I just hope the people making the kind of comments here on WAATP? like ‘**** all Jews’ and ‘what a f*g’ are just as happy with their life and their true self.

  15. QueerAsFuß says:

    Typo fix:
    ***the freedom to not get killed and to live and ply you trade, etc

  16. DAN VICKY says:

    The best couple for now :)

  17. rodrigez federal lopez says:

    es un choc no savia que in este mondo algunos artistas o jugadores que siempre defenden por la libertad e cantan de dia e de noche seran los primeres que fuen para apoyando los criminales israel que siguen la misma tragedia de loos americanos que mataron a 158 milliones de indios para que lo quitan sus tierras

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