Should Juventus get its two league titles back?

Ollie Irish

24th, July 2006

‘s lawyers have pleaded for leniency as the disgraced club appeals against its relegation to Serie B and the accompanying 30-point penalty. Cesare Zaccone, the lawyer defending the Old Lady, said: ‘The career for a footballer is short and some of our best players are
world champions… None of them wants to risk two years in Serie B…’ Zaccone also arugued that Juve should be allowed to keep its two most recent league titles.

Some of our best players are
world champions.
What the hell kind of argument is that? Zaccone might as well have drawn a caricature of Fabio Cannavaro, complete with tear-filled, puppy-dog eyes, and held it up to the judge. If appealing to the court’s better nature is the best Juve can do, I can only conclude that the club doesn’t have much in the way of hard evidence to back up its appeal.

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