Snapshot: The ‘Onyx Meditation Room’ Deep Inside FIFA’s Zurich Bunker

Chris Wright

23rd, July 2011


By Chris Wright

This here is the solid onyx ‘meditation’ room that FIFA installed in their Zurich catacombs a couple of years ago – y’know, for those times when all that glad-handing, flesh-pressing, bung-quibbling, money-counting, heel-dragging and vote-rigging just starts to get on top of you.

It’s unused as yet…

Photos via Barbera

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  1. Montesquieu says:

    Gee, I wonder where they got this money from.

  2. :) says:

    haha, youth systems and innocent children paid for this :0 lol fuck fifa

  3. :) says:

    i heard babies, kittens and just plain hope & dreams were mulched to create fifa’s headquarters…true story

  4. eros says:

    yeah….meditation….that’s what goes on in there…right…

  5. engerland_supporter says:

    The swiftest of glances at the way this organnization works and conducts itself reminds of a totalitarian, deeply 1984-esque body. Evil omnipotent head (Blatter), check; maffiosi henchmen (Warber et al), check; zombi pretorians (Platini), check; arbitrary regulations, corruption, centralism, fascist-like aesthetics, check ad infinitum. Football needs organization indeed, not fucking intermediaries. If these bastards don’t fall by the weight of their own misdeeds, we’ll need to bring them down!

  6. hgo says:

    :D this hypocrisy regarding fifa makes me laugh – fifa is the corrupt as exactly all other big organisations and corporations, but it’s less corrupt than british government and british police as indeed any other government in the world, so why people jumps just on this easy target – fifa, football politics is kinda thing you need to be worried if you a crazy , normaly people are worried about jobs and stagnant wages , football is for fun you knobheads

  7. Papi says:

    @ hgo
    Go play tennis, you f*cking fairy.

    I’m going to go ahead and guess that this “Meditation Room” is made entirely of the revenue from the FIFA 11 games. Also, Sepp Blatter may or may not fap to pictures of starving South African families here.

  8. Liquid L says:

    God bless America for at least having a crack at these crooks

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