Rudi Voller gets a slap


3rd, November 2006


Rudi Voller is pretty much only known for three things. Scoring goals, getting spat at by Frank Rijkaard in Italia 90, and being a rather unsuccessful manager of the German national side. Aside from these things, Rudi was always a nuisance in and around the 6 yard box, and whilst at Marseille, he got chinned for being such a pest.

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  1. Lydia Esche says:

    rather unsuccesful?finishing 2nd place in world cup isnt that bad, or? of course he was a pest but that made him a world class striker.very nice video though…i very much enjoyed reading your list, particularly the part about robbie fowler.i annoyed my friends very often in the midst of owenmania declaring him at least twice as talented. greetings from germany.

  2. Lew says:

    Very funny. You pull someones hair, they punch you. Deal with it. If only I had hair…………

  3. dp says:

    Don’t forget the hair. The Germans don’t call him “Aunt Kathy” for nothing–his hair looked like every repressed suburban middle-aged woman’s hairstyle from the mid-1980’s–in fact, it has aged the same way as well. Really good player, though, and man did he ever make Rijkaard lose it.