AC Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti serves up a big slice of refereeing irony

Ollie Irish

7th, November 2006

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Irony_1Despite the fact that his side are still attempting to recoup the eight points they were docked for match fixing, Milan boss Carlo Ancelotti has taken the opportunity to complain that refereeing decisions are suddenly going against his side!

Fotocarloancelottiinterna1827 He said: "There have been too many refereeing mistakes against us in the last 10 days. They can’t be accidental." Apparently the irony was lost on poor Carlo, so it might be worth someone pointing out that it is because the referees are no longer hand-picked!

[Via The Guardian’s most excellent Fiver]

[Rob Parker]

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1 Comment

  1. joe says:

    I was hoping you would have a piece about this. Can you believe the balls on that slob!! Get caught FIXING MATCHES and come back the next year after getting phenomenal leniency by the Italian FA (who make the UN look stern) and has the grapes to complain that his side aren’t getting calls?! Un-f**king-believable!