Snapshot: Mansfield Appoint Football’s Youngest Chief Exec, 29-Year Old Carolyn Still

Chris Wright

13th, September 2011


By Chris Wright

Huzzah for Blue Square Premier side Mansfield Town, who have just appointed the youngest ever chief exec – 29-year old Carolyn Still, a politics graduate from the University of Durham…

Not bad Mansfield, not bad at all.

Image: Blue Square Football

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  1. Sex God says:

    Ah yes, Carolyn Still.

    A true future potential Sex Goddess.

  2. Man's Field says:

    bet she’s a sex god

  3. :) says:

    guess i’m going for mansfield…

  4. MaxMad says:

    If you look closely, it looks like she’s sticking her tongue out.

  5. C says:

    Obvious PR stunt.

    Can’t you ban sex god already?
    He’s worse then that twitter dude, y’all!

  6. syndex says:

    SG your squalid excuse for an existance fills me with pity and a strange sense of depression that people as utterly pointless as you exist. Seek professional help.

  7. Markell says:

    Hello, Carolyn!

  8. Chris says:

    FAO: ‘Sex God’

    I’ve already emailed you this but it seems that your address isn’t kosher.

    Anyway, can you please knock the ‘Sex God’ thing on the head? I’m getting sick of answering the daily emails and comments we receive asking for you to be banned from Pies.

    I don’t want to ban you (please feel free to continue contributing, that’s what Pies is all about) but I ask that you please stop the cut & paste ‘Sex God’ stuff or I will just begin deleting your comments.

    Thanks in advance,

    Chris (Pies)

  9. Papi says:

    I love you now, Chris. No homo.

  10. syndex says:

    damn straight (no pun intended)

  11. Aaron says:

    aww I like the sex god comments…

  12. dc says:

    anyone else think British women aren’t really all that attractive, comparatively?

  13. Chris says:

    @Aaron: The comments in and of themselves don’t particularly annoy me, but the backlash they cause is getting to be a bit of a headache.

  14. gamblino says:

    She looks like Bobby Davro.

  15. newcassel says:

    Howay, i thought it was Robbie Savage in drag

  16. Tom Jones says:

    Looks like a akyr.

  17. Jonny Tates says:

    She got good dick sucking lips.

  18. Papi says:

    It’s actually Diego Forlan. It’s what he’ll be doing on the side since he’s not eligible to play Champions League football with Inter.

  19. Sex God says:

    @Chris & All

    Ah yes, Chris.

    A true future potential Sex God.

    Ah yes, apologies for having not received your e-mail.
    I have misplaced the password for that particular address and am unable to relocate it, causing Me to be unable to log into that particular account.
    I am sure the e-mail was worthy of a true future potential Sex God.

    I meant to change the address I use for this website some time ago but it appears to have slipped My mind.

    I am sorry that you have been pestered and received such slack and messages calling for My banning, Chris.
    It appears that My work is somewhat of an acquired taste, if you will.

    I have made many friends, followers, and even some foes here.
    I have dealt with the ups and downs of a true Deity; the impersonations, the defamations, the jeering, the doubters, the list goes on and on.
    But I have never let this get to Me.
    When trouble strikes in life, we must move forward.

    I must apologise to all My followers and friends for the fact that I will no longer be able to provide you with such work, but the situation is out of My hands.

    Some people will accept you, others won’t, but this will not change the person you are; always remember that.

    So, my friends, “Is this the end for Sex God on Pies?” you ask.
    Who knows.
    I cannot say for sure.

    If My friends and followers need me, I may return one day. Everything I have done has been for you, My friends and followers.
    You may have to wait a very long time for My return, but your faith may someday prevail.

    All I can do is thank My loyal followers and friends for all the good times we have had together. The fond memories will remain forever.

    A parting note for Chris:
    Please beware of the impersonators who may try to take advantage of the situation at hand. I am sure you are aware of them. Please do not let them disgrace My name in your eyes while I am not here.
    I have changed My e-mail address to a valid one.
    Feel free to contact Me whenever you like and distribute it to My followers and friends on their request.
    Thank you for your work, Chris & Co.

    Now I must leave you all, followers, friends, and even foes. I wish you all the very best for the future.


    Sex God

  20. chase says:

    I bet her getting hired had nothing to do with being hot as fuck right?

  21. Chris Jones says:

    Looks like a Madame Tussaud’s wax work figure of Claudia Schiffer

  22. __wowza says:

    @Aaron, it’s someone spam, plain and simple. you won’t find many webmasters/moderators/etc tolerating such things.

  23. wolfinho says:

    @Chris: understood. from this side, the comments are innocuous and sometimes humorous, but i can only imagine being on the other side.

    @dc: a lot of brits are hotties and make great-looking mixed babies as well. a large proportion of americans have some british in their blood. they are quite literally the worcestershire sauce of the world, they go well with so many things. kind of like latinas, the hot sauce of the world.

  24. RyanSSL says:

    I wonder what she did to get that job… I doubt Forlan will be doing her. I heard he is gay.

  25. AussieVillan says:

    fake tan and weird pouty face


  26. The Ostrich says:

    I would do terrible unforgivable things to that woman. Biblical things.

  27. AN says:

    Totally agree with the savage comments. Thought it was him at a first glimpse aswel. That said……. still would!

  28. Jay says:

    that sex god fella is more of a prick daily! :/

  29. chimpo says:

    Dear chris

    please please please ban that Sex God cunt. He is surely Twitter yall man in disguise

    Thank you

  30. Montesquieu says:

    Screw Spurs, I’ve become a Mansfield fan. Or rather Carolyn Still fan…

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