Fantasy Friday: week 14 review

Ollie Irish

24th, November 2006

DorigoFootball, like life, is full of little mysteries. For example, how did Tony Dorigo win 25 England caps? Or, where exactly is Paddy Kenny‘s eyebrow right now? The question I really want to know the answer to is much closer to home: how have I been top of the Fantasy Football table for three weeks? I’m not built for pace-setting so somebody had better get their act together soon! Click below for your weekly update.

Fantasy Friday: week 14 review continued

The week’s league table:

1 Pauper For Manse (Rob) 168 points
2 Where Was Dean Ashton? (Tommy) 167
3 Houssemayne FC (Jan) 163

4 Tanghall Tykes (Matt D) 159
5 Strictly Badmanism (Matt M) 155
6 Modbury Juniors (Ollie) 150
= Onimans Legends (James) 150
8 Scrumpy Rovers (Simon) 142
9 Dynamo George Vader (Rob W) 135
10 West Country All-Stars (Ben) 130
11 Gimmervision (Mof) 125
12 Villa Rourke FC (Jez) 119
13 Dial Square (Nicholas) 113

14 Felixs X1 111 (Felix)
15 Big Bunch of Lewsers (Lewis) 110
16 Abney Park Rangers (Ash) 95

Good week for… Matt D. In a generally slow week, Tanghall Tykes bagged 20 points to jump to fourth in the table. Sir Joseph Barton and Wayne Rooney secured more than half the haul between them.

Bad week for… Jez’s motley crew – including Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Luis Saha and Andy Johnson – who managed a grand total of zero points between them.

[Rob Parker]

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