Michael Owen and the World’s longest sickie


4th, September 2006


Is Michael Owen throwing the World’s longest sickie? Is it something that he’s picked up from Jonathon ‘out with a broken eyelash’ Woodgate whilst at Real Madrid? You see, after messing his knee up, Owen has only just decide to go to the US for his operation and is set to miss most, if not all,
of this season. "I will be having the operation done in a couple of days," he told the Newcastle website.

"It’s an operation that needs to be done. I’m looking forward to it because it is a chink of light for me." The op will be carried out by renowned knee surgeon Dr Richard Steadman… sadly, it won’t be carried out by Hunter S Thompson illustrator, Ralph Steadman. I think he’s playing up meself… I mean, who’d want to play for Newcastle?

Mof Gimmers

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  1. Steven Gerrard's Invisible Forehead says:

    “Owen has only just decide to go to the US for his operation”
    Why are you being deliberately dishonest with your appraisal of the Owen situation?.. surely it can’t be for comedic value, as that would be in direct contradiction of this website’s Magna Carta.
    Anyway, he went for surgery on the knee last July, but they found complications with the damaged cartilage and couldn’t complete the operation. Thus, he was forced to fly home, knee still in pieces, with nothing else to do but purchase a £2m helicopter.
    Fair enough, really.
    Newcastle won’t miss him, anyway.. they’ve got the legend in the making that is Goala Ameobi!

  2. Scot says:

    Do you mind? That’s my team you’re slandering. Anyone would be proud to play for Newcastle. You should’ve said why would anybody want to play for Sunderland.