Newcastle Legend Alan Shearer Really Admires Andy Carroll’s Guts

Chris Wright

23rd, August 2010


“Hey Andy, nice guts!”

AFTER notching half the goals in Newcastle’s impressive 6-0 mauling of Aston Villa yesterday, current No.9 Andy Carroll has been attracting glowing praise from many quarters, not least from former Toon hero Alan Shearer – who, by all accounts, had a little money riding on the rangy striker’s goal-scoring exploits.

Shearer has hailed Carroll for being unfazed by taking on the mantle of the famous Geordie squad number, which has become weighted in significance after being sported by a host of the club’s most prolific goalscorers over the years such as Jackie Milburn, Malcolm ‘Supermac’ Macdonald, Andy Cole and, of course, Shearer himself;

“I was delighted that Andy had, if you like, the guts the take the No. 9 shirt because we know that players over the years have shied away from it. It is a big responsibility because it is a huge shirt.

Plus there have been some big, big names that have worn the shirt and some great players at that. I am not talking about myself there. I am talking about the Milburns, the Macdonalds and the (Les) Ferdinands and other players like that.”

Calls for Carroll to be included in the next England squad are also increasing prevalent (as is the knee-jerk nature that riddles the modern game) after his impressive opening Premier League showings against Villa and Manchester United so, considering the dearth of viable alternatives, is there any good reason for him not to get a run-out?

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  1. Ollie says:

    Carroll for England? Soon…

  2. Cyprus-Toon says:

    Yeah, I wouldn’t want him to play for England as knowing our luck, he’ll get seriously injured & ruin the Toon season…. :(

    I’m only being selfish because we don’t want him to get injured, if Capello had wanted him in the team, he should have asked him last season or was scoring 19 goals in the fizzy not good enough??

    Personally I don’t think Capello will call on Andy as he’s not playing for certain teams ;) ;) liek Chelski, Spurts, Arsenil or Manc Usa…. or maybe he will after demolishing the Villa defence yesterday, some of whom are supposed England internationals.. lol

  3. Timmy Toon says:

    For fucks sake, he’s scored one hat trick in the premier league. England call up!!! He’s a good player but dont go blowing him up yet.

    He’ll be worth 30 million soon.

    Cop the fukk on, English players are not that good.

    Wait till he proves himself man…………..

  4. Nut says:

    I doubt Capello will call up Andy yet, not because I don’t think he’s good enough… I think he has loads of untapped pottential to go all the way, however as yet Andy doesnt really have any European experience under his belt.

    Someone in a previous post complained

    “Personally I don’t think Capello will call on Andy as he’s not playing for certain teams ;) ;) liek Chelski, Spurts, Arsenil or Manc Usa…”

    Well what have the sides this person is on about all got in common?

    Easy answer is they are all playing in Europe, Newcastle are not.

    Capello seems to be favouring calling up players who have European experience under their belts, players who have been able to play on that stage and perform, although that said it took him a while to bring in Zamora, I suspect Zamora may be part of the squad a while longer.

    As for Newcastle’s 6:0 romp of villa which I absolutely love…. well lets just keep a lid on all the enthusiasm we as Newcastle fans are known to have in abundment, last year we didn’t dare to hope nearly all season and perhaps that is the best way for us to be, at least then we can’t get disapointed when things don’t go our way.

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