The 10 Greatest Premier League Goals of the Decade No.1: Dennis Bergkamp, Newcastle v Arsenal, 2002

Ollie Irish

1st, December 2010


By Ollie Irish

The greatest Premier League goal of the decade? Away you go…

Dennis Bergkamp is congratulated by Arsenal team-mates Robert Pires and Sylvain Wiltord after scoring a wonder goal against Newcastle at St James’ Park. This wonder goal…

Magical, inventive, jaw-dropping. Who cares that it was only Nikos Dabizas who Bergkamp skinned? The best defender in the world would have been bamboozled by the Dutchman’s genius.

At the time, Arsene Wenger had this to say about the goal:

“You will not see many goals like that, it was an unbelievable goal.

“You are blessed to see that when you come to a stadium. It was not only a magnificent goal but a very important one – I enjoyed it a lot.”

We enjoyed it a lot too, Arsene. More than any other goal scored in the 2000s, in fact.

More in this series:

No.10: Dietmar Hamann, 2004

No.9: Paul Scholes, 2006

No.8: Robert Pires, 2002

No.7: Shaun Bartlett, 2001

No.6: Paul Scholes, 2000

No.5: Robin van Persie, 2006

No.4: Wayne Rooney, 2005

No.3: Thierry Henry, 2000

No.2: Paolo di Canio, 2000

That’s your lot, folks. Hope you enjoyed the series.

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  1. erik says:

    easily my favorite goal by any player, ever. this was on ESPN’s Top 10 at the time and erased any doubts i had of being an arsenal supporter (i was quite young at the time). i could watch it 1,000 times and still be amazed.

  2. Cook says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but this is my favourite goal of all time, let alone the premier league over the last decade. The best first touch ever seen by anyone, and as cool as you like slots it bottom corner . Wengers right, you wont see goals like this. Why isn’t he on the legends team on FIFA 11?

  3. Andrew Thompson says:

    Im not saying this isnt a great goal, but how the fuck is Shearers volley against Everton not in the TOP 10!
    before you announced this, many people were saying that was no.1

  4. Ollie Irish says:

    @ Andrew – Because Shearer’s volley was nothing special. Powerful, yes. Special, no. Would be in my top 25 maybe, not my top 10.

  5. tony says:

    great goal! but was kinda hoping for a sweet goal from the early nineties i hadnt seen. still what a goal!

  6. evan says:

    agreed…even as some one who doesn’t support arsenal…just pure brilliance

  7. David says:

    RVP’s shinner is on the list and Matt Taylors volley isn’t? Di Canios goal is the best goal end of. I’ve read a few of Ollies posts and they are very poor.

  8. paula yates says:

    I liked the INXS music that went with it, refreshing change from the usual Euro crap that’s played with YouTube clips.

  9. UsefGooner says:

    he makes it look so easy

  10. paddy says:

    YOU LISTENED OLLIE :)YAAAAY. congrats on finishing this list, great to watch and gives me butterflies

  11. V says:

    David sucks so fuuucking haaaaaaaard (in a high pitched tone, dude)

    This goal showed his unbelievable ability with both feet.

  12. David says:

    @V bergkamps goal was brilliant but we’ll never really know if he meant it. If any player could that it would be bergkamp but we’ll never know. Where’s matty taylors volley olivier?

  13. David says:

    Did bergkamp mean it? We’ll never know.

  14. adan=m says:

    This is the greatest goal in history in my oppinion and im a bradford city fan but have to give props where props are due.

  15. rastaa says:

    bergkamp did mean it!
    does he still have to prove that he’s a genius after all those splendid an wonderfull goals. bergkamp isn’t the type to score normal goals:) dont know why but i love it

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