‘He Has Been Sent To Me By God’ – Adrian Mutu Wants To Adopt The Chinese Sewer Pipe Baby

Chris Wright

30th, May 2013


By Chris Wright


“I gotta get me one of these things!”

We don’t wish to cast aspersions on a man’s private pursuits but there’s fresh evidence that Adrian Mutu may have been “dabbling” again.

You’ve no doubt heard about the newborn Chinese baby that somehow survived after being accidentally flushed down the toilet earlier in the week? Well, Mutu now wants to adopt it because he believes the little guy was sent to him by God.

“I couldn’t figure out how to live, how to eat breakfast when I saw this story on TV,” Mutu told a Romanian sport channel Sport Ro. “That this child lived means he is a special child. Children are the greatest achievement.”

“When I saw the baby I said ‘I must adopt him, he has been sent to me by God.’ I’ve never meditated, but when I saw the baby, I thought it was exceptional.”


Toot toot Adrian, toot toot.

(Via Ele.ro)

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  1. Si says:

    More interesting is how Mutu will be able to afford to live once the whole Chelsea saga is finally settled. It does not look good.

  2. One Man Went to Mow says:

    @Si I understand that’s how Chelsea plan on breaking even next season.

  3. Nutty says:

    Personally I dont believe Chelsea will ever see a penny off this guy even if that decision made before by the courts is somehow upheld or enforced, nor do I think they should get anything from anyone else. I read a story the other day that they were trying to claim some sort of compensation for Juventus signing him during his ban. A ridiculous attempt considering that they terminated his contract. Demanding money from old ladies is quite embarrassing….. The precedent that could be set here is a very dangerous one as it would allow teams to claim back their transfer fee off any player that for some reason or another they chose to get off their books. Most footballers are not angels and its not hard to find a point where they’ve stumbled… (Mateja Kezman’s exploits in Hong Kong being on a particularly epic scale) I dont see how a player is himself responsible for the negotiated amount of money between two clubs. In the case of Bebe should Man Utd ask for their 8 million back from that guy, Im sure they could pin something on him if they wanted to, playing football is probably the last thing hes been doing in the last couple of years… Or Nile Ranger or any other of those bad boys or Loic Remy for whatever hes been accused of… would be interesting for QPR to get their money back since theyre relegated now… Id love to hear some other thoughts on the matter….
    I’m not saying Mutu is a particularly bright chap but to be fair nowadays more than 50% of the youth in this country I am quite sure has dabbled in some drug or another.

  4. tipo 00 says:

    WOW. well done nutty, that is BY FAR the longest post i’ve ever seen on here! tl;dr etc

    i think mutu’s certainly been on some hallucinogens – beleiving in god in this day and age lol.

  5. Si says:

    @Nutty – I’m in work so cannot respond to your post above in full but the justification for Chelsea claiming the sums due from Mutu is quite clear from the papers filed and the publicly-available reports. The decision has already been confirmed twice, I think, and Mutu is the final stages of being able to appeal.

    And it would not be a dangerous precedent; footballers are revenue generating assets (not people anyway) and if the gross misconduct of a player results in a loss of revenue for a club, it is only right that sums can be recovered. If you have not already, it is worth reading Chelsea’s arguments and the decisions handed down to date, they are pretty interesting.

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