Non-League Footballer Sacked After Being Filmed Enjoying Sexy Times In Opposing Manager’s Dugout

Chris Wright

20th, April 2015


By Chris Wright


Clitheroe FC striker Jason Hart has been sacked by the Evo-Stik Division One North side after he was filmed having sex with a female supporter in the manager’s dugout after a 4-1 away defeat to Mossley AFC at the weekend.

Incidentally, the game in question was Clitheroe’s final fixture of the season and had been billed as ‘Ladies Day’ in a bid to attract more female supporters.

The furore arose after the 15-second-long clip circulated on social media. Hart was seen cavorting with an unknown blonde woman while wearing his Clitheroe t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms.

Clitheroe chairwoman Anne Barker said she had no option but to release Hart as the forward had “brought the club into disrepute” by soiling a perfectly decent tracksuit.

Speaking via a statement issued on Clitheroe’s official website, Barker said:

“I can’t have somebody wearing the Clitheroe FC tracksuit bringing us down.”

‘It has brought the club into disrepute and it’s not proper for him to scupper our reputation. I expect our players to act professionally.

‘It was brought to my attention on Saturday night and dealt with through the management.

“I did offer to speak to him myself but Simon (Garner, the manager) said he would take care of it.”

First-team manager Simon Garner, who signed Hart from Padiham FC last year, added:

“At the time of this unfortunate occurrence on Saturday, I wasn’t there. I had already left the ground.”

“I found out later on when I saw how it played out in Twitter. I’m disappointed but we can’t control what the players do outside the time we are with them. They choose what they want to do.

“Unfortunately, Jason was wearing the club tracksuit and he knows he has let the club down, so the club has done what it has done.”

Seems like he might’ve got away with it if it weren’t for that confounded tracksuit.

Hart, who has a long-term girlfriend, also issued an apology via the Daily Mirror:

“I’m full of regret. I’d had a couple of drinks. I was away from everyone and thought I was hidden.”

So close champ, so close.