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Sincere apologies if this gives you nightmares for months

Oh dear. Blatant dive by the Croatian

Robinho, you’re through to the next round of Britain’s Got Talent

A dark evening for English football began with fighting in the Upton Park area

“Look, I’m not a fucking buftie, and that’s the end of it”

From all I’ve read and seen, there won’t be much to separate the two this time around

After posting up our Unpopular XI, here’s the flip side of the coin, namely the Prem’s good guys

Arsenalisation?! Oh dear

Check out the appalling state of the pitch at Rotherham’s Don Valley Stadium after U2 played a gig there

Who the dickens is this England international? Leave a comment with your answer. Yesterday’s answer: Steve Bould Well done to all who identified the Boulder.

Beautiful through ball from Coley to Defoe. Oh. No. Seriously, what was Cole thinking? An early contender for worst pass of the season. Although for Spurs fans, it looked like a game-changing pass of rare beauty.

A terrible artist’s impression of how Luka Modric might look in a Man Utd kit if he was a Bobblehead and not a real person Message to Fergie: You took Carrick, you took Berbatov, but you’re not gonna take my Luka Modric. No way José. Yes, there is a scary rumour that Man Utd are […]