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Liverpool fans, look away NOW

Step this way for half-arsed Photoshoppery…

Vote now on Rafa’s future…

After 90 minutes of sheer hell, you’re gonna get thirsty…

Gunners stroll to a draw. Should have been a win though

Fine parody of touchline gafferness (gafferness?? too much coffee for me)

Come in Gareth, your time is up

American uses Twitter to reveal racist abuse

Scots embarrassed at home in Europe… again

Russian underdogs stun Catalan giants in Champions League

Stuff that didn’t appear on Pies today. Until now

Can you identify this Barcelona player?

C-Ron says Messi should win it. Do you agree?

Everton star’s big hair is a serious threat to the beautiful game

Look! Jamaican used to be skinny

Bookmaker offers tempting odds about beach ball reappearing on Sunday

Jimmy Bullard can’t prevent another defeat for abject Tigers

Simon Webbe used to be in Blue, a band of such overwhelming blandness that I can’t recall even one of their many ‘hits’

In a rigged draw, Ireland were bound to pick out a short straw

A tactical masterstroke, if I do say so myself…

JT misplaces dummy