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But who is the biggest of them all? By “Dick” I mean this definition: Vulgar A person, especially a man, regarded as mean or contemptible. So this isn’t a list of heirs to the XXL throne of Dion Dublin, whose tripod-like manhood Sir Alex Ferguson once called “magnificent”. But hey, as long as the headline […]

This is Chelsea’s new home kit for the 2009/10 season. It’s made by Adidas, it’s sponsored by Samsung, and it’s still blue (with white stockings) – in other words, it’s pretty damn similar to the kit Chelsea have been wearing this season.

Things that make you go… eeurgh, that’s put me right off my dinner, No.1:
On Monday, Glenn Hoddle was spotted at a Kenny G (the G stands for Git, apparently) concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

Fergie finds something new to make his face go red Man Utd’s manager wants new rules designed to increase the broom cupboard-like dimensions of some Premier League dressing rooms. The Scot thinks that some Prem clubs’ away dressing rooms are too small to contain his mighty entourage: a proud collection of pampered egos and forelock-tugging […]

Rumours of Who Ate All the Pies’ death were greatly exaggerated Return of the King… hmm, is that too cocky? Yeah, maybe that’s too cocky. But yes, Pies is about to make a comeback, and soon. Unlike Han Solo in that trash compactor, we have a good feeling about this. Hope you do too. Watch this […]

For those of you who still check Pies every now and again, hoping that it’s started up again, sadly it hasn’t. That’s not to say there’s zero chance Pies 2.0 will ever kick off, but probably not in the short-term. Boo, hiss etc. But I do now have my own football blog, so if you […]

Come in Pies, your 90 minutes is up To those of you wondering about the recent inactivity on Pies, it’s only fair to put you in the picture: In its current form, as published by Shiny Media, Pies is no more. I won’t go into the reasons why – I’m just the editor, and the […]

The Palm Tree Afro


Pies rounds up the weekend action


1. Paul Ince must feel like he has been robbed. How did West Ham end up beating Blackburn 4-1? A disallowed goal, a missed penalty, and some good chances, plus conceding twice in injury time led to a very misleading scoreline.

You can’t Ty me down


“Hi, mum! I’m famous,”

roman pav.jpg

Even Gary Glitter didn’t look this suspicious when his plane landed in the UK!

Blues left red-faced over yellow shirts

robinho chelsea shirt.jpg

The high-rollers meet in Monte Carlo for draw


1. Liverpool are going to struggle. In their current form and up against PSV Eindhoven, Marseille and Atletico Madrid, it could spell trouble.

Perm + big nose = twins

coloccini phil thompson.jpg

Some little news snippets to keep you going until dinner


They tried to make him go to rehab and Michael Chopra said yes, yes, yes [Mirror]

Oh Stevie Mac, when are you coming back?


Musings on last night’s European action


1. Liverpool have got problems. There is no fluidity or shape to the side and Rafa Benitez doesn’t seem to know how to turn the situation around.

The players (and owners) who came in from the cold


“We need to go in relaxsched, we need to go in with also belief.” What? Steve McClaren’s fake Dutch accent is on the go again. This guy is such a plonker. The accent is bad enough (there are loads of annoying people who accidentally imitate the accents of those they talk to), but to start rearranging your syntax…. Macca – you’ve got issues!

Danish defenders for dummies, by Pies


Name Lars Christian Jacobsen

Wrexham striker Jefferson Louis scores a lovely goal in his side’s victory over Altrincham. He is substituted before the end and obliges the pitchside reporter with a frank analysis of why he came off. A little too frank for Setanta Sports’ liking! This is the television gods punishing those who think it is acceptable to break away from the match to interview someone during the game.

Should have got a Brazilian


Reds sign another speedy Spaniard

liverpool car.jpg

Liverpool have joined a host of other top football teams (plus Tottenham) in the football-meets-motorsport extravaganza that is Superleague Formula. Roma, AC Milan and Porto are among the clubs to sign up for the competition, which starts at Donington Park this weekend.

Just look at Avia keeper Eduardo Martini frantically weighing up his options. He eventually settles on belting it as hard as he can, and I bet he is glad he did now. One of those bizarre kicks of the turf and a loop over the Parana keeper later, and Eduardo is a goalscoring hero.

Ferg for London 2012?

brown ferguson olympic.jpg