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When Spurs play Bayer Leverkusen, lets just hope this doesn’t happen eh? Although, in saying that, it would be nice for our spoiled bratty Prem’ stars to interact a bit wouldn’t it? Gimme a B! Gimme an E! Gimme… oh forget it. It’s too bleedin’ long! [Mof Gimmers]

Oh dear. When the Guardian used this image (on the left for those who need telling), they didn’t know how spot on they were being. It has been alleged that the nicest boy in football, Craig Bellamy, grabbed a young lady by the throat after they bumped into each other at a nightclub. Smooth eh? […]

I imagine this stung for a while. I bet he wasn’t so eager to mark the man taking the next throw in! [Rob Parker]

The gang at TShirts365 have created yet another gem. This time it features Arsenal‘s Kolo Toure sporting a very nice Afro. The t-shirt will no doubt be snapped up by Gunners fans, among whom the Ivorian defender has cult status. The Kolo t-shirt costs £14.99 and is available by clicking here. [Rob Parker]

Barrow defender James Cotterill has been charged with grevious bodily harm for allegedly fracturing the jaw of Bristol Rovers striker Sean Rigg during an FA Cup first round clash. Cotterill is accused of punching Rigg in an off-the-ball incident which was missed by the referee but caught by BBC Match of the Day cameras. A […]

There are currently a couple of tournaments underway masquerading as the World Cup for countries that don’t actually exist. The VIVA World Cup is supposedly the official, unofficial World Cup, but it is nigh on impossible to get any news on the tournament and only four teams are competing (hosts Monaco, South Cameroons, Sami and […]

Is this is oddest Alan Shearer related thing in the entire world? Some oddball Mackem (I think) called Hoolio has sent an email to Alan Shearer claiming (in a spooky deadpan voice) that he gets "a lump when I think of what you’ve done for this great club". In fairness, he cracks up at the […] Middlesbrough boss Gareth Southgate has admitted that he will be a relieved man when his future is decided at a Premier League board meeting on Wednesday. This meeting will decide whether to extend the 36-year-old’s three-month dispensation to manage without the required qualifications. Southgate told…

The force should be strong with West Ham once Eggert Magnusson‘s takeover goes through. [Rob Parker]

Former Portsmouth striker Dario Silva has announced he hopes to compete as a rower at the 2012 Olympics despite having a leg amputation in September. The ex-Uruguay international lost part of his right leg in a car crash, but is hopeful of competing at the London games. He said: "I have a lot of free […]

League Two outfit Torquay United have launched a new initiative which could see players sacked if they repeatedly dive. Chairman Chris Roberts came up with the scheme after being "disgusted" by the amateur dramatics on display at the World Cup. Manager Ian Atkins is backing his chairman’s plan. A three strikes and you’re out system […]

After the Andy Ritchie tribute and at the risk of Pies overdosing on homage, it is now time to doff our Dirk Kuyt baseball caps to the great Paolo Maldini who has announced he will hang up his boots at the end of the season. A great professional, a loyal one-club man and surely one […]


Kit Parade: Celtic

November 21st, 2006

Celtic have thus far avoided our Kit Parade net, but tonight’s Battle of Britain (© 1729 The Red Tops) with Manchester United seems like a good opportunity to have a look at the Bhoys’ outfit. And here it is. The green and white hoops should not come as a great surpise, although the green is […]

With the West Ham takeover seemingly a done deal, attention is now turning to the Belgravia Group’s plans to buy Newcastle United. The Guardian reports that the company is preparing to pounce before Freddy Shepherd has chance to tuck into his Christmas pudding. Apart from an increased amount of perspiration on Shepherd’s forehead, the main […]

West Ham have announced they have accepted Eggert Magnusson’s £85m takeover bid for the club. Magnusson’s consortium have secured agreements to buy 83% of shares and the Hammers’ board have recommended the offer to remaining shareholders. The Icelander will replace Terry Brown as the chairman at Upton Park, although Brown will stay on at Upton […]


Terry Venables has a sing

November 21st, 2006

Terry Venables. When he’s not being regarded as a tactical genius or a villian (depending on which side of the fence you’re on), he can be found crooning or on a sunbed (presumably). Well, thankfully there is no video of El Tel sunbathing, so here he is, singing his little heart out! Wee Gordon Strachan believes that the difference between the SPL and the English Premiership is minimal. Strachan sees his runaway league leaders take on Premiership leaders Man United tonight at Celtic Park and has heightened the pressure before the game by deriding the claims that the English league is the best in the world…

Guardian Books have released a book for the 50th birthday of the brilliant ‘You Are The Ref‘. For those not in on the joy of working out various refereeing problems, YATR is a cracking little cartoon strip that asks you how you’d solve a myriad of odd problems that can crop up during a game. […]

Bernardo Corradi became a Manchester City cult hero this weekend. A humourless face, mixed with a pair of goals (out of the blue I might add) and a celebration that defies any logic whatsoever. Bernardo, you’re a legend. [Mof Gimmers] Hearts fans are understandably angry at the situation surrounding their club. On Saturday, they staged a protest aimed at daft-as-a-brush owner, Vladimir Romanov after the 1-0 defeat to Rangers. The Jambos chairman remained at his Lithuanian base instead of making the trip to…

This video delves into the reasons behind Cristiano Ronaldo‘s varnished, polished, extra-shiny and gilt-edged miss against Sheffield United on Saturday. Our main reason for posting it is for a bit of a giggle at C-Ron’s expense though. You can tell it wasn’t his day: he couldn’t even get his spit on target! [Rob Parker]

The players of non-league King’s Lynn are probably ruing the fact that the Scissor Sisters‘ I Don’t Feel With Dancing being blasted over the PA system coincided with their warm-up on Saturday and that a fan with a sense of humour was there to capture it on his mobile phone. Turns out the King’s Lynn […]

My trips to the cinema seem to provide a useful hunting ground for Lookalikes. Last night I went to see Casino Royale (it is worth the hype, by the way), and didn’t come away empty handed! I present Jeffrey Wright (who plays CIA agent Felix Leiter) and Joleon Lescott…   [Rob Parker]