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Name Tony Gubba Job Football commentator/reporter Special Powers 1) Longevity – Gubba has been commentating on football (and other stuff, including ITV’s Dancing On Ice) for almost 40 years. Now 63, he shows no signs of stopping. 2) Fly fishing – Tony is a keen fly fisherman. Fancy that! He said ‘The ball must be […]

FIFA president and football’s adoptive father, Sepp Blatter, has announced that he would like to destroy the Premiership. In his latest bizarre outburst, Blatter also takes a swipe at Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger. He told French sports newspaper Attrapé Hors Jeu: “The Premiership is the cancer on modern football. Too much money, too much […]

Good weekend Peter Crouch Liverpool’s hat-trick hero moves the Reds up to third place with victory over Arsenal. Manchester United A 4-1 win against Blackburn puts United within sniffing distance of the title. Charlton A narrow 1-0 win over relegation rivals Wigan. Bad weekend Watford Unlucky not to hold on for a point against Chelsea, […]

She got merk’d! To be fair to Rio, he did apologise and then gave the woman his shirt after the game.

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Sticker Sunday

April 1st, 2007

Sticker Sunday returns to Who Ate All The Pies this week. Don’t forget to get in touch if you need anything from the Pies swap shop, which is unfortunately very well stocked at the moment!

Stevie G might have thought that Steve McClaren had deflected most of the flak away from him this week, but here at Pies we don’t forget that easily. Here is England’s hero tripping over the air between the keeper’s feet… And a couple of other Gerrard dives after the jump.

We called for Ian Holloway to be installed as the new England manager, and now Ollie has responded to us, via his column for BBC Sport. On learning that Pies had campaigned for him to replace Steve McClaren, Ian said: ‘Ha ha! Well that’s very flattering but I think they’ll have to go and swivel […]

‘In English football you are called Prof if you have two GCSEs; no wonder we are outwitted on the pitch.’ Boris Johnson. Yes, that Boris Johnson. ‘Can Lampard and Gerrard play together? They can. They can. They can.’ No, Steve McClaren, they can’t, they can’t, they can’t. ‘Why anyone would ever dream of wanting it […]

No one was seriously injured after lightning struck the field during this game, between Jomo Cosmos and Moroka Swallows in Johannesburg. Watch out for the plucky interviewer, who wastes no time in getting the lowdown from one of the injured players… [Via The Offside]


The Fiendish Friday Quiz

March 30th, 2007

1 Wimbledon, Tottenham, Charlton, West Brom (current). Whose career path? 2 Pierluigi Collina and Marco Materazzi both support which Serie A club? 3 Picture round: who’s this? 4 Only one Middlesbrough player has featured in every one of their Premiership matches so far. Who? 5 Which ‘keeper will set a new Premiership clean sheets record […]

SATURDAY Liverpool v Arsenal Lawro: 2-1 Pies: 1-0 Bolton v Sheffield Utd Lawro: 2-1 Pies: 3-1 Charlton v Wigan Lawro: 1-1 Pies: 2-1

The always-excellent Kickette alerts us to the fact that Frank Lampard has his own blog, sponsored by Orange. It’s generally very bland but it does occasionally reveal some mildly interesting stuff about the World’s Second-best Player. Here are the top five pearls of wisdom from the pen of Super Frank (who incidentally is fit to […]

The FA Cup is a special competition that means many things to many people. One of the few things it does not mean to anyone at present is staring at Andy Townsend’s misshapen nose and waiting for the next advert break. That could all be about to change though. ITV are apparently close to securing […]

David Beckham collected an Outstanding Contribution to British Sport award (there is a message of hope to all Real Madrid benchwarmers) at the Sports Industry Awards 2007 last night sporting his new haircut. There is definitely a touch of the Tintins about his new strawberry blond short-back-and-sides-avec-quiff. No murmurs about them both having a faithful […]

The only way is down for Lee (our new betting wizard: ex-Observer Sport Monthly and Racing Post tipster) after his astonishing 150-1 debut, but here goes anyway: 7-1 LIVERPOOL TO BEAT ARSENAL 1-0 Arsenal have won their last four against Liverpool but, stats fans, have lost their last two Premiership visits to Anfield (both by […]

England captain John Terry ripped a shirt out of the hands of his Andorra counterpart following Wednesday night’s Euro 2008 qualifier. Terry waded in to retrieve Jermain Defoe’s shirt from Oscar Sonjee. The Chelsea man was unhappy at Andorra’s intimidation tactics and attempted to stop the England players swapping shirts in the tunnel. Sonjee moaned: […]

We did feature this Classic Moment on Pies many moons ago, but it is worth seeing again as Liverpool and Arsenal meet at Anfield tomorrow. Michael Thomas bundles his way through the Reds’ defence to win the league for Arsenal in the most dramatic circumstances. “It’s up for grabs now!” [Rob Parker]

This clip from last night’s Euro 2008 qualifier between Luxembourg and Romania shows a Luxembourg defender having a bit of a Phil Babb moment. The unfortunate player to slide into the post groin first? Jerome Bigard! You can’t make this stuff up. I’ll leave the obvious puns to you, our faithful Pies readers. [Rob Parker]

The entire Czech Republic squad has been stung with a £25,000 fine after Tomas Rosicky and five team-mates spent the night in a Prague hotel with six prostitutes, following the team’s 2-1 home defeat to Germany in the Euro 08 qualifiers. All very rock ‘n’ roll, but you have to wonder what was going through […]

As some of Europe’s top teams prepare to work through their mammoth fixture pile-ups, the top bods at Uefa have decided more matches is the way forward. They plan to make their all-consuming Champions League monster even flabbier by offering places to some of Europe’s domestic cup winners. One or more Champions League places would […]

Who Ate All the Cupcakes?, a brand new football blog run by a bunch of soccer-lovin’ guys based in Atlanta, Georgia (home to REM, as I recall UPDATED I clearly recall shit, cause it’s Athens, not Atlanta – maybe I was thinking of Outkast instead?), has been set up in honour of Pies – that’s […]

Football365, a site I check out regularly, is calling England’s 3-0 defeat of Andorra ‘England’s worst win ever’. Help me out here, but I’m not sure how a 3-0 away win in a live qualifying match can be deemed our ‘worst win ever’ and a ‘new low’? I’d argue that England were worse in defeating […]

This week in Haiku Corner, we try not to think too much about Steve McClaren and the England situation (it would only make us angry and f**k with our karma). Instead, we pay tribute to Super Lawrie Sanchez, Crazy Gang-member-for-life and bloody good international manager. He’s transformed (transformed, Transformer… see what we’ve done there?) Northern […]

Healy, the Jean-Pierre Papin of Northern Ireland, has now scored nine goals in the Euro 2008 qualifying campaign (in just six games), giving his country a very realistic chance of making it to the finals next year. Here’s a vid of his brace against Sweden last night, which helped NI jump to the top of […]

Toni derails the Scottish bandwagon with two smart headers. See if you can make it to the end of this clip without falling asleep to the sound of Lee Dixon’s voice… Italy vs Scotland GoalsUploaded by FootballHeaven