Alessandro Del Piero Bows Out With Goal And Scudetto In Final Juventus Game (Photos & Highlights)

By Chris Wright

On a weekend that saw several venerable insitutions of Italian football moving on (AC Milan waved off Pippo Inzaghi, Clarence Seedorf, Alessandro Nesta, Gennaro Gattuso, Gianluca Zambrotta and Mark van Bommel), one man’s final game for his club was just that little bit more grandiose than the rest – with Alessandro Del Piero laying down his sword at Juventus after 19 years of service, signing off with a goal (his 289th for the club) on his last appearance for the Old Lady against Atalanta before being subbed off in the 58th-minute to a rapturous ovation.

Juve won 3-1 to keep their season untarnished, becoming the first club to ever make it through a 38-game Serie A season without losing a game which, of course, meant that Del Piero could then mark his farewell in fitting style – by lifting the Scudetto trophy amid a hail of champagne, fireworks and confetti.

Nice when things work out like that, ain’t it?


Photos: Massimo Pinca/PA

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  1. Charles says:

    Del Piero and Duncan Ferguson were my two footballing heroes growing up, brilliant way to sign off for the man!

  2. Stevo says:

    Did you just put Duncan Ferguson and Del Piero in the same sentence?

  3. Nuno says:

    This guy is just a legend, great to see him go like this.
    But Chris I can’t help to notice this: “several venerable insitutions of Italian football moving on” (…) “van Bommel”. Although it’s true he’s also going away from Milan (and he’s becoming old aparently even by italian standards), it just doesn’t seem proper to have him included in the same sentence as the likes of Nesta, Seedorf, Gattuso or Zambrotta.

    • Chris says:

      @Nuno: Yeah, I know. The simple truth of the matter is that I couldn’t be arsed to write a separate sentence for him.

  4. Mr Sensible says:

    Didn’t Milan go unbeaten back in the early 90’s or was that not a 38 game season?

    Also, where is Del Piero going, he could pretty much still do the business at any club, pure class.

  5. Anonymous says:

    At 37 id say hes retiring…..or heading to China, which is retiring.

    Whats happening to Gattoso though? I remember him once saying he would got back to Glasgow Rangers.

  6. murtasim says:

    Chris, could you find a link for the lap of honor and his sub?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Maybe now he’s retired, Alec Cleland can finally catch him. Ho ho!

  8. mrcll says:

    Del Piero wants to play, but Andrea Agnelli said in October 2011 that this is his last season in Juventus. Actually, no one knows what Del Piero will do/go. Gattuso confirmed that he wants to close his career in Glasgow Rangers, but it seems that actually it is impossible due to Scottish club economic problems.
    Sorry for my English, I’m Italian

  9. Venny says:

    Can’t think of a more fitting end for such a legendary career.

  10. illuminatiks says:

    Yeah Chris! Pleaseeeee make a thread in honour of one of the greatest of all time.

  11. Snowball says:

    Alessandro Del Piero is ma number 1 football Hero. I’ve watched him play ever since I was a kid and I had dreams of someday travelling to Turin from Nigeria to watch him play live before he quits playing and maybe then I’d have my aotograph(dream). But seems that would be in τђє next life, thought I’d actually get to see him face to face, that’s how bad I love him. Who will I use as ma middle man and dead ball specialist in PS?? Wishes men, I’ll miss you Del Piero, My Football Hero..

  12. Tai says:

    @Mr Sensible milan were unbeaten in 91-92, but this was a 34 game season (18 teams, not 20 like today).

    Alessandro is a gentleman, a player of unequalled ability, and the heart of this Juve team. Any true football fan will miss him if this is the end of his playing days.

    You can keep your Totti, Rondaldo and Zidanes, Del Piero played the game as a gantleman. A man who any honest fan would admire and adore for his skill, heart and immaculate conduct.

    I sincerely wish him all the best in his future endeavours and hope to see him back at Juve as coach/assistant/manager.

    Juve gave him a grand stage, and he delivered the goods. Juve owe him a debt of gratitude, and every true football fan should be honoured to have seen him play.

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