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10 Most Terrifying Fans At The Africa Cup Of Nations

By Chris Wright

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Picture 2 of 10

There will never be nothing unsettling about a man wielding a giant baby's bottle.

Photos: PA

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By Chris on January 30th, 2013 in Featured, Funnies, International football, Photos. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

20 Responses to “10 Most Terrifying Fans At The Africa Cup Of Nations”

  1. Paul says:

    Picture 9 – Nice to see Stavros Flatley in the public eye again

  2. Chuli says:

    ….Now I expect you to post the pics of the 10 most beautiful fans at the African Cup of nations

  3. question man says:

    just sayin, but if this was euros or copa america would the headline read “passionate” why do they have to be labelled terrifying?

  4. question man says:

    why do they have to be labelled “terrifying” and not passionate? Would the headline be the same if this were pictures of fans from copa america or euro who also go all the way to support their teams?

    this just doesn’t feel right to make fun of pies, just sayin. a little disrespectful don’t you think?

  5. dc says:

    This looks like a lot more fun of a time than most Euro games

  6. porcelain sandwich says:

    @question man – These are decidedly more terrifying than anything I’ve seen in the Euros or Copa America. They’re obviously all passionate, no one’s disputing that, but I’m certainly not going to forget the teeth on picture number 10 for a while I can tell.

  7. dusty bottoms says:

    i’d take this “terrifying” crowd over what i saw on tv during the euros.

  8. Jesus says:

    Im African! And Im terrifying! Im so offended!

  9. jason says:

    Whats terrifying is the underlying racism contained in the headline and captions.

  10. […] There are some pretty scary AfCoN fans, and these are the scariest. […]

  11. Jarren says:

    Crazy guys, those Africans! Brilliant seeing them at the World Cup, they’re certainly more fun than a lot of Euro fans (okay Holland excepted).

    #9 is epic, totally get the Indy Jones reference.

    #10: What the hell does this dude eat? Concrete?

  12. Jarren says:

    Hold on…

    Just looking at #9 again, and noticed he appears to be balancing his drum on his todger.

    Sweet jesus, I fear for his wife.

  13. Fat Nakago says:

    NONE of these are terrifying at all!! These are ALL focking awesome ((except for the dipshit in #4))!!

    #3 is the best!! Go Burkina Faso!!

  14. hulltiger says:

    if you dont think #10 is terrifying you CRAZY

  15. yolo says:

    Yep, of course because they are african (black) all these candyasses will find it offensive and get offended..take a chill pill! and ask yourself..would you want to meet one of these guys in a dark alley? nope.
    not because they would hurt you but because they would scare the shit out of you even if they are just going back home from the game.
    this racism shit is getting so tired. stop getting offended by fucking everything and the world will b a better place!

  16. jason says:

    yolo is right, ignore racism and it will go away on its own.(sarcasm)

  17. Jarren says:




    bitches need to stfu on the left AND the right.

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