12 Brilliant Photos Of Brian Clough In His Pomp

Chris Wright

21st, March 2013


By Chris Wright

On what would’ve been his 78th birthday, here’s a grid of 12 classic shots of Brian Clough from both his playing and managerial heyday. As the man himself once said, Clough wasn’t the best manager in the business, but he was in the top one.

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Old Big ‘Ed RIP

(Photos: PA)

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  1. tipo 00 says:

    everyone always bangs on about him being a great manager, but they never mention his scoring record. a quick wiki tells me he scored 251 in 276 games.

    michael owen on the other hand scored 203 in 449.

  2. tipo 00 says:

    and he did national service whilst a player!

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  4. Haywired says:

    Even though I’m too young to remember Clough in his pomp (though have since watched as much YouTube footage as I can), the fact that he won two European Cups with Nottingham Forest is probably my favourite thing that’s ever happened in football. Unbelievably special.

  5. tipo 00 says:

    @haywired and he got derby to the semis of the european cup! only lost because of cheating, allegedly. i think it was juventus

  6. M Annable says:

    Hi Chris. I have just found your fantastic photo of Cloughie and my uncle Keith (Keith Cox) – which is the only picture I have ever seen of my uncle playing for Charlton. Do you know where I may be able to obtain a copy / print of the original ? Thanks for posting it on your site. Regards.

  7. Clive Gander says:

    Remember him telling, I think, John Motson and while looking at the new Trent End, “Manchester United paid for that”. This after he’d sold Tony Woodcock & Gary Birtles to them and then bought Gary back for a much reduced price.
    Great man…

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