Reginald D Hunter Mocks Farcical PFA Racism Outcry With Brilliant Photos Of The ‘Horrible Aftermath’

By Chris Wright

You no doubt heard that Reginald D Hunter – a professional comedian whose last five Edinburgh festival shows have all had the word ‘nigger’ in the title – caused “outrage” at the PFA awards gala on Sunday night when a room full of middle-class white people harrumphed in unison when he used the ‘N’ word in his set a few times.

In essence, a plopstorm whipped up when the middle-class white people, as per usual, took offense on other people’s behalf at something that has never once effected them in their entire lives. Standard stuff.

To be honest, we, like many contentious observers, found the phony media fallout over Hunter’s booking all a bit silly – though not nearly as silly as the man himself, who posted an entire Facebook album, entitled ““The PFA Awards: The Horrible Aftermath”, of photos from the afterparty, with Reg posing with all the “outraged” guests during the infernal race riot that apparently followed the ceremony, complete with brilliantly acerbic captions…







reginald-d-hunter-pfa-7 reginald-d-hunter-pfa-8 reginald-d-hunter-pfa-9 reginald-d-hunter-pfa-10 reginald-d-hunter-pfa-11 reginald-d-hunter-pfa-12 reginald-d-hunter-pfa-14 reginald-d-hunter-pfa-15 reginald-d-hunter-pfa-16 reginald-d-hunter-pfa-17 reginald-d-hunter-pfa-18 reginald-d-hunter-pfa-19 reginald-d-hunter-pfa-20 reginald-d-hunter-pfa-21 reginald-d-hunter-pfa-22 reginald-d-hunter-pfa-23 reginald-d-hunter-pfa-24

Brilliant. The only proper way to fight lunacy is with amplified lunacy.

Reginald D Hunter 1-0 Nervous middle-class sensibilities

(Via Anorak)

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  1. Tom the bees fan says:

    Brilliant! had they never watched his set before they booked him. idiots!!!!

  2. tipo 00 says:

    even clarke carlise got wound up about this too. i thought he was meant to be cleverer than stephen hawking.

  3. bob says:

    I was in stitches with the one about john terry’s arrival and his face. it was a good thing that he made those faces when they were taking those pics, otherwise he couldnt have made this joke

  4. Herman says:

    What a bitter bitter man

  5. Mr. Chopper says:

    I always really liked RDH, but this shit has pushed him into a new stratosphere with me. Who knows, this could be the best thing that happened to the FA in regards to the whole RACISM thing.

  6. Fat Nakago says:

    To paraphrase what Tom the Bees Fan said: Absolutely focking BRILLIANT!!

    That m0therf*ckin’ n***** nailed ’em all!

    What the fock were those dopey white m0th3rfvk3rz expecting?

    Now can we get him to host next year’s Academy Awards?

  7. Tim says:

    I know he’s a comedian, but I don’t get it.

  8. alanmcalanson says:

    @fat nakago

    fucking white people

  9. Jarren says:

    Very good! I totally cracked up at the Dawn French one.

    I like him on HIGNFY, he’s such a contrast to the dryness of (the admittedly fantastic) Ian Hislop.

    In other news, who is that blonde on photo 6?

    My word.

  10. Nil says:

    Got to love Jason Roberts in one of those pictures…again refusing to wear that t-shirt. How freaking zen of your Mr Roberts, much respect to your totally up your own ass philosophy, my friend.

  11. Dave says:

    Mr Carlisle is absolutely right! Professional people have a responsibility to do what they are asked to do, to perform to their best abilities at all times and to respect the people who are paying good money expecting to be entertained by them. Asking them to forfeit their fee is a small price to pay for them to show that they really care about the paying public. WHICH is why I am confident as a Spurs fan that Mr Carlisle has been straight onto the Player Rep at White Hart Lane this morning to ask the players to give back their wages after last nights performance!

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