Say It With Carrots: Cologne Striker Anthony Ujah Visits Hennes The Goat To Make Amends In Person (Photos)

Chris Wright

10th, March 2015


By Chris Wright


As you may recall, Cologne striker Anthony Ujah got into a spot of bother over the weekend for man-handling the club’s beloved mascot, Hennes the goat, after scoring against Eintracht Frankfurt on Saturday.

After publicly apologising to his “best friend” for being unduly rough, Ujah then sought to make amends with Hennes in person yesterday – visiting the little chap’s stables to wish him many happy returns on his birthday as well as festooning him with gifts of fresh carrots and the like.

Say what you like about Ujah, but the guy certainly knows the quickest route to a goat’s heart…

(Photos: Anthony Ujah/Facebook)